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10 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

Everyone in a relationship loves to think that a relationship is what dreams are made of, only to wake up one morning with a shattered heart. Some are not sure where the relationship is going, and dread getting the talk from their significant other. You know, the “It’s not you, it’s me” speech. But below are signs that show that your relationship is on the right track to lasting forever.

1. You believe in each other

When you doubt yourself, your partner talks to the part of you that forgets. He/she reminds you that you have what it takes to achieve anything you want to. They have clear knowledge of your potential and they help you nurture it. Both of you never air your shortcomings or mistakes for others to see and mock. You protect each other, while at the same time helping each other improve on each other’s weaknesses.

2. You trust each other

Both of you trust each other’s word. None of you expects the other to go back on a promise they made. If it happens that your partner does break a promise, or makes a mistake that breaks your trust, you don’t hold it over him/her. You forgive them easily. You also don’t see the need to read their messages and check their call log every day.

3. You’ve accepted each other’s pasts

You’ve reached a part in your relationship where you’ve accepted each other’s pasts. It doesn’t matter how many partners he/she has been with or the poor upbringing they had. Whichever past they had, you don’t hold it against them. In fact, you encourage your partner to constantly reinvent themselves to overcome whatever past they had. You never feel as if you fully you know them, thus giving them room to always want to improve.

4. You’re grateful for how things are

When you’re in a great relationship, you appreciate the way things are. You’re not wishing that your partner had a better job, a better salary, better family members, or move to a different city. This doesn’t mean that you are ungrateful for the way things are, it simply means that you appreciate where you and your partner are. You are more focused on the journey in your relationship and not the destination.

5. There’s clear and open communication between you too

If you and your partner can talk freely with each other about anything and everything then your relationship is in a great place. There are no topics that are off-limits between the two of you. He’s not afraid of wearing his heart on his sleeve and neither are you. You openly talk about your feelings, and easily communicate when you feel that your partner has hurt you. You’re both aware that it is not a competition between the two of you. There is also the knowledge that things will not always be rosy between the two of you.

6. Physical intimacy gets deeper

Sex between the two of you is always fulfilling and it tends to bring you closer. You both understand that it’s not just about your own pleasure but about giving your partner pleasure as well. And because there is an emotional connection between the two, it makes it even better. Both of you make sex a priority in your lives and are constantly looking for ways to spice things up.

7. You respect each other

You both honor the boundaries you’ve set. If there is something you love, he/she encourages you to continue pursuing it. They also encourage you to continue maintaining the friendships you had before the two of you met. Both of you also don’t expect the other to be their only go-to for emotional fulfillment. You both understand the importance of having other relationships in your lives, such as with friends and family, so your partner doesn’t need to feel the pressure of being your only emotional support.

8. Your values match

Nothing spells trouble in a relationship such as having different core values. If both of you share the same value about certain things, then there is a likelihood that your relationship will last forever. The number of children you’d want to have, financial matters, education and others are examples of core values you can share in a relationship.

9. You solve your issues in a mature way

When the two of you have a disagreement, the way you handle it speaks volumes about the quality of relationship you two have. When you have a fight, is either of keen on getting your own point across as opposed to listening to what the other person has to say? Do you agree to take time out so that both of you can calm down and later address the matter with a level head? Practice using “I” instead of “you” when dealing with conflict. When you use “you”, you make the other person feel attacked, and they’ll be defensive instead of open with you. Instead, address an issue using “I” and talk about how your partner’s actions made you feel. This way, your partner will better understand why you’re angry or hurt.

10. You make each other happy

Your partner may be a fan of basketball, and you’re not. But because they love watching the game, you go ahead to purchase a jersey of your partner’s favorite team and wear it while you watch the game together. You immerse yourself into their world to better understand the things that they like to do. For a guy, you may complain about the tons of chic flicks that your woman loves to watch, but because you love her and want to make her happy, you surprise her with tickets to the latest chic flick in town, and you accompany her. In a relationship it’s never about how you can get happiness, but how you can give it.

See how many of these signs apply to your relationship. If you have more than two thirds, congratulations, your relationship is on its way to being your forever after.


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