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30 Tallest Women Who Ever Lived

tallest woman in the world

The average woman is 5ft 4 inches tall, but this varies around the world. There are however women throughout history who deserve a place in the history books for having reached new heights. Here is a list of 30 women, most of whom have received the accolade of the tallest woman in the world at some point in their lives.

1. Trijntje Cornelisdochter Keever “The Big Girl” (1616-1633) 8ft 4in

Trijntje was born in Edam during the Dutch Golden Age and is considered to be the tallest woman in history. She died on July 2, 1633, of lung cancer at the age of 17.

2. Ella Williams “Mme Abomah” (1865) over 8ft

Born Ella Grisgby in South Carolina to slave parents, Ella is alleged to have been over 8ft tall. Her extraordinary height made her an international celebrity in the 1800s. She toured the world as the tallest woman in the world.

3. Zeng Jinlian (1964-1982) 8ft 1.75in

Zeng Jinlian was born on 26th of June 1964 in the Hunan province of China. She had diabetes and scoliosis which prevented her from standing straight. On February 13, 1982, a 17 year old Jinlian died as the verified tallest woman in the world.

4. Anna Haining Bates (1846-1888) 7ft 11in

Anna Haining Swan was born in Canada on August 6th, 1846 to Scottish immigrants. In 1871 on the 17th of June, she married Martin Van Buren Bates who stood at 7ft 9in and together they made the tallest married couple in recorded history. On August 5th, 1888, Anna Bates died suddenly in her sleep at her home in Seville, Ohio.

5. Jane Bunford (1895-1922) 7ft 11in

Jane Bunford was born in Bartley Green in the U.K on the 26th of July 1895. An accidental skull fracture at age 11 caused permanent damage to her pituitary gland resulting in hyperpituitarism. This caused her gigantism which led to her early death at 26 on April 1st, 1922.

6. Yao Defen (1972-2012) 7ft 8in

Standing at 7ft 8in, Yao Defen was the tallest woman alive between 2010 and 2013. Her gigantism was attributed to a tumor in her pituitary gland, but her health problems persisted even after its removal. She would later die on 13th November 2012 aged 40.

7. Sandy Allen (1955-2008) 7ft 7.25in

The tallest American woman ever was born in Chicago in 1955. She appeared in many shows including Oprah and Jerry Springer. She also featured in the 1976 movie Felliniins Casanova. Her health and mobility declined throughout her life until her death on August 13th, 2008 when she was 53.

8. Wassiliki Calliandji (1882-1904) 7ft 6.5in

Wassiliki Calliandji lived between 1882 and 1904, but very little is known about this Grecian woman. Legend has it that she was 7ft 6.5in tall. She died at 22 as the tallest woman ever in Greece.

9. Delores Pullard (1946-1971) 7ft 5.5in

Dolores was born on 13th August 1946 in Louisiana. Very little is known about her life and actual height. She worked in a sideshow playing the part of “Tallest woman in the world.” She died in 1971 following complications from an operation to remove a pituitary tumor.

10. Carolina Rascon (1990’s) 7ft 5in

Carolina and her twin sister Simona were born in Uruachi village, Mexico in the early 1900s. Unlike Simona, Carolina exhibited exceptional growth and strength from an early age. Very little is known about her.

11. Ella Ewing (1872-1913) 7ft 4.5in

Born in La Grange, Missouri in 1872, Ella Ewing is reported to have experienced healthy growth until she was 7. Her growth became very rapid reaching 7ft 4in and making her the tallest American in her lifetime. She made a living from the circus until her death in 1913 which was reportedly caused by pneumonia.

12. Maria Fassnauer (1879-1917) 7ft 4in

Dubbed the Giantess of Tirol, Maria Fassnauer was born to a family of farmers in Tyrol, Austria on 28th February 1879. She traveled with her sister making money from circus work until 1913. She died four years after her retirement aged 38.

13. Sun Fang (1987-Present) 7ft 3in

Sun Fang is currently the tallest woman in the world in 2019. Fang, who was born in China in 1987, is an Economic management diploma graduate from Wuhan University. She enjoys sports, music and educating people about her condition.

14. Rumeysa Gelgi (1997-Present) 7ft

Rumeysa was in 2014 awarded the Guinness World Record for the tallest teenager in the world. The girl from the small town of Safranbolu north of Turkey was born with Weaver Syndrome, which is responsible for her rapid growth. She is currently the second tallest living woman in the world and the tallest in Turkey.

15. Margorzata Dydek (1974-2011) 7ft 2in

Once recognized as the tallest professional female athlete in the world, Margorzata Dydek was an exceptional basketball player in the WNBA. She was born in Warsaw, Poland on 28th April 1974 and died on May 27th, 2011 after suffering a severe heart attack.

16. Zainab Bibi (1972-2018) 7ft 2in

Zainab Bibi was born in Mandi Rajana village in the Tobatek Singh Punjab, Pakistan. The tallest woman in Pakistan passed away in Faisalabad aged 46. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney ailment were reported as the cause of death.

17. Uljana Semjonova (1952-Present) 7ft 1in

In the 1970s and ’80s, Uljana Semjonova was a renowned Soviet-Latvian basketball player. She is a two time Olympic Games gold medalist, three-time basketball world championships winner, three-time European championships winner and a Women’s Basketball Hall of Famer.

18. Gitika Srivastgava (1979-Present) 6ft 11in

Gitika is a former Indian professional basketball player. She has since retired from the sport to become an entrepreneur and angel investor. She is the founder of Navya, the network helping cancer patients get proper treatment.

19. Malee Duangdee (1992-2016) 6ft 10in

At 6ft 10in tall, Malee Duangdee holds the record of the tallest woman in Thailand and second tallest woman in Asia. She died of a heart attack in 2016 at 24 years of age.

20. Caroline Welz (1986-Present) 6ft 9in

Born in 1986, Caroline Welz is currently 33 years old. She is a famous model in her home country, Germany where she is the tallest woman alive.

21. Elizabeth “Liz” Cambage (1991-Present) 6ft 9in

Liz is an Australian basketball player who currently plays for the Tusla Shock of the WNBA.

22. Jessica Pardoe (1993-Present) 6ft 9in

Jessica holds the record for Britain’s tallest woman.

23. Ekaterina Lisina (1987-Present) 6ft 8.77in

Lisina is the Guinness World record holder for tallest professional model and woman with the longest legs. She was a basketball player and part of the Russian National Team that won bronze during the 2008 Olympics.

24. Brittney Yevette Griner (1990-Present) 6ft 8in

With an arm span of 2.2meters, Brittney is one of the tallest women in the WNBA. She plays as a center for the Phoenix Mercury.

25. Lindsay Corine Taylor (1981-Present) 6ft 8in

Lindsay is another tall American professional basketball player. She has played for many leagues including the Women’s Chinese Basketball Association and Angola’s Women Basketball where she currently plays.

26. Lindsay Kay Hayward (1987-Present) 6ft 8in

Isis the Amazon” is a Guinness World Record holder for the tallest woman in a leading role. She works as a professional actress and wrestler.

27. Maria Alexandrovna Stepanova (1979-Present) 6ft 8in

At 6ft 8in tall, Mariya is one of the tallest women in WNBA.

28. Rita Miniva Besa 6ft 8in

Zimbabwe-born Rita Miniva is a talented basketball player currently based in the US.

29. Amazon Ashley 6ft 7in

Ashley is the world’s tallest burlesque topless dancer.

30. Heather Greene 6ft 5.5in

The American claimed to be the tallest living woman in the world when it was alleged that she was 7ft 4in.


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