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4 Countries With High Chances Of Scooping The 2019 Women’s Fifa World Cup Title And Why

The 2019 women’s world cup is one of the most entertaining things on television right now. With women sports getting more recognition and support globally, the women’s world cup this time has new energy in it and with many followers than ever before in history. As exciting as it sounds, we all know that there is only one team to carry home the trophy home.

From our research, these are the four teams that stand a better chance of winning this year’s women’s world cup. Note that, this is a prediction made after sound research, but we have no control over luck because soccer can be unpredictable. However, the most active teams in the championship this year include;


The USA has been a force to reckon with in the women’s world cup championships. Having snatched the title four times, including the last tournaments, the USA team has the most active supporters. Currently, the team is ranked as the best in the world portraying quality each time they are on the grass.

Their main strength is at the front with remarkable players like Alex Morgan expected to carry home the golden boot title, that is if she maintains her reputation for scoring. With 18 goals out of 17 games last year including 7 goals in the conquer cup. Also in the front to ensure that the USA carries the victory is Carli Lloyd who has more than 100 goals and has played in more than 250 games.

While the teams seem to be stronger than ever, you should know that they are struggling to get paid the same with their male counterparts.

Between 2007 and 2016, Germany’s women football team had quite an unbeaten streak that was closed after winning the Olympics in 2016. When the coach was changed and some of the good players retiring, the team has been going through a hard time getting back on their feet. During the group stages in 2017, the team was crushed out at the quota finals level. Being ranked as the second-best women’s soccer team in the world, Germany is this year proving to be a worthy opponent having already beaten the world cup hosts, France early this year.

With the new coach showing good hopes of reclaiming the team’s reputation, players like Dzseniffer Marozsan will be significantly missed especially during this year’s championships. Being one of the most depended on players in the last world cup, she was one of the top 5 scorers in the tournament and a great game maker playing the midfield position.

Currently, the team’s captain; Alexandra Popp is the top scorer in the team and holds a lot of responsibility as far as fitting Dzseniffer’s shoe is concerned. Other players to watch out for in this team include Lea Schuller who at 21 years is already an essential asset to the side. She scored all 4 goals during the qualifier stage against the Czech Republic. Together with the captain, the two ladies are expected to cause a lot of problems for any opponent.

Japan’s women national soccer team is one of the best in the world. Already the Asian champions, the team is hungry for the world cup title this year. 2011 was the last time Japan held the trophy even though they have made it to the finals a couple of times. Unlike most of the teams that have tightly held on to veteran players, Japan team has more young players who are already hitting the headlines. Yui Hasegawa, the 22-year-old who has performed extraordinarily during the current matches is expected to shine this year alongside Saki Kumagai who scored the winning penalty in 2011.

In this list, England is like the last born, although that should not allow you to underestimate this team. Even though they have never won the world cup, this team has some of the best players in the world, starting with Lucy Bronze, who is currently the best full back in the world.With other veterans such a Jodie Taylor, expected to take England past the semi-finals level where they reached last world cup, you can only expect an exclusive performance by the team.

Another thing that is giving England hope is that women’s soccer is today being embraced and equally recognized, just like the male England team, which is also one of the best in the world.

Parting Shot

It is good to know that the champion of the 2019 women’s world cup may end up not coming from our list. That is because, this time around, there is a lot of competence in the women’s soccer opening windows for surprises. With the championships falling on a time when technology is at such high levels, more people from around the world are today able to watch and follow the world cup at their comfort. That explains the top ranking this tournament has received ever since it began.

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