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5 Awful Content Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

5 Awful Content Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Frankly speaking, your corporate blog could be the one asset that is your biggest source of new customers if you use it in the right way. Through your blog and content, you can generate interest in your brand, your products/services and you can foster trust within your readers; trust that will most likely lead to sales. But, before all this happens, your content needs to get to these readers. That is where content marketing comes in.

In an effort to get your content in front of as many potential eyes as possible, there are things that you’re going to do right just as there are things that you are going to do wrong. Some of these common mistakes can be rather costly, while others are simply just embarrassing. Either way, all of these mistakes can be avoided and if you want to develop a strong, well-respected brand over time, you will do well to avoid all of these common content marketing mistakes.

You are generating poor content

This might sound obvious to you, but a great number of internet marketers underestimate just how much poor content hurts their brand. Would you rather have people NOT read your content or would you rather have them read it and share it only to make fun of it? There is a saying in the media world that goes, ‘no press is bad press’. This is not true with content marketing.

Churning out blog posts that are riddled with incorrect facts, typos, have no images, full of sentences that run on forever and simply add no value to your clients is the fasted way to kill your brand. Not only will Google steadily start to bury your pages deep within its search engine results, but your customers will completely stop thinking of you as a voice of authority in your field. This means they will stop following you, stop subscribing to your mailing list and stop referring you to any of their friends for fear of being associated with mediocrity.

This is a mistake that is easy to avoid. First, you need to learn all that you can about creating an amazing blog then you must hire the right people to help you do it. Hire the best possible copywriters or freelance writers and use the best content marketing strategists.

You’re too busy selling instead of teaching your readers

As a marketer or business owner, you know that this is all ultimately in the aim of selling your products or services. But your content should never lead with that, ever! In fact, the only time you should tell your customers to look at you as a potential seller is when you mention it in the strong and highly visible call to action section.

Otherwise, always focus on educating your customers first then selling them second. If you run a business that house trains dogs, your content should give insight on how to house train dogs and other related matters. By the end of your tutorials of videos, your customers should, at the very least, have learned the basics of how to house train dogs. Only then can you lead them on and suggest hiring you to complete or fine-tune the process. This sort of content is useful, which means it is sharable and it makes you look like an industry expert which fosters trust and as a result, sales.

You are not generating evergreen content

This is both an immediate issue as well as a long-term one. Your content marketing strategy should have some sort of continuity factored in. If you intend on generating content that is only useful to your customers today but not tomorrow, then you will end up churning out new content every single day for the rest of your content marketing life. Which, to be honest, is not a bad thing. It’s just wasteful.

All that effort could go into creating content that will provide value for your customers today, and even two years down the line. Every single blog post should be engineered to be as useful to your current clients as it would be to your future clients. They say that the internet doesn’t forget. Make sure that years from now when someone reads your blog, they will still look at your brand with the same level of respect as you would want them to do now.

The thing about evergreen content is that it allows you to keep selling and converting new readers into customers without the need for additional work or costs.

Your headline isn’t selling the content

Did you know that on an average basis, about 8 out of every 10 people will take the time to read the headline to your blog posts? Did you also know that out of these 10 people, only 2 will actually go on to read the whole post? That number is greatly affected by your headline.

Unless it strikes a chord within your potential readers, they will not delve into the content matter at all. Most people only give you a few seconds of their time. After all, there is an entire internet at their disposal. You need to generate headlines that capture their attention immediately. Headlines that invoke emotion. Joy, fear, urgency…you name it. As long as it gets your readers to actually read the content.

You are not selling to the right people

To be honest, you can do everything right, from creating well-thought-out content to making sure that it has the highest possible degree of quality and that it is evergreen. But if you are not showing it to the right people, this content will be useless to your brand. As much we all like to think of our businesses as much more influential that they really are, trying to ‘get everybody’ doesn’t often work. You have to be honest with yourself and decide who your actual customers are within the niche. Once you find this out, generate targeted content that is specifically created for these people.

SEO is really just about content marketing. As long as you’re following the rules set forth by Google, creating value for your readers and getting your content in front of the right people, then your blog and other content marketing efforts will work for you and your brand in the long run.


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