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5 Simple Ways to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas that Convert

5 Simple Ways to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas that Convert

If you haven’t started yet, there are plenty of reasons why you should have a blog for your small business. The numbers are in and they say that B2B companies that blog get up to 67% more leads than businesses that do not blog.

The same numbers show that it is not just about blogging in the general sense but blogging regularly with a purpose. If you had a blog and posted an average of 16 posts every month, you will be getting up to three times more the traffic that you do now.

If you are still not convinced, here are some astonishing statistics that should surprise you:

Now, we know that you are busy with the crucial day to day running of your business and you cannot for the life of your see how you could have enough time to write 16 well-thought-out blog posts every month.

But this is not even your biggest problem because nowadays you can simply hire an excellent freelance copywriter to come up with the content for you. Your biggest problem comes in when you have to start thinking about the blog topics!

You can’t just simply come up with regular topics that are featured on everyone else’s blog. That will make your blog seem redundant and stale. You need to come up with fresh, thought-provoking topics that will not only capture your customer’s attention but highlight you as an industry expert in your niche.

This takes time and, needless to say, some thought. So, how do the best business owners go about coming up with excellent blog topics that convert?

Look at what the competition is doing

We know, we said you shouldn’t write what everyone else is writing. But a good place to start when brainstorming on your next viral-worthy blog post is to look at what your competitors are doing. This will not only give you a good idea of what people like to read, but it will also highlight what topics are currently trending within the industry.

When studying your competition, look for these things:

  • Which topics got the most reader engagement?
  • Which ones need a bit more depth and technical know-how?
  • Which topics got the least engagement?
  • What haven’t they covered?
  • What can you do differently?

Get your inspiration from popular keywords

It is almost impossible to rank highly for some of the most converting keywords out there. This is because everyone else is trying to do so and some of those people have more digital marketing capital than you do. So, if you cannot out buy them, then you can definitely out-write them. Instead of just spending money trying to rank for the best keywords, why not spend your time trying to think of valuable content surrounding those keywords?

You can be sure that people are going to be searching the web using those keywords, if you offer them valuable content based on their searches, they will slowly begin to recognize your brand. As you build more momentum by writing even deeper and more engaging content on those keywords, they will begin to trust you. And that is how you get leads and sales.

Focus on industry pain-points

Every industry has issues. If you are in the fitness and health industry, maybe the biggest issue your niche could be facing has to do with how to stay healthy without blowing the budget? Maybe most of your clients want to know which latest weightless fads actually work. Or maybe, they want to know how supermodels stay so thin. It could be any number of things.

The trick is to find out what these pain-points are and provide solutions, or at the very least, information on them. Some of the best ways to find out these pain-points include:

  • Checking social media platforms to see what clients are complaining the most about
  • To consult with your customer care department to see what kind of concerns clients have
  • Poll some of your trusted clients to see what it is that they want to be resolved within the industry
  • Think about the issues that you might have with the industry if you were a client

Think like salespeople do

Truth be told, you are the biggest and best sales person your business has employed. This is true regardless of the fact that you do not do any sales yourself. What you are essentially doing is providing people with a solution to an everyday problem. Your job is to tell them about the solution that you have formulated and are selling. You do not have to go door to door to do this nowadays. All you have to do is give them as much convincing and valuable information that will enable them to make up their minds.

But people like feeling needed. They like being wooed. So, simply dropping this information on them might not convert as much as you would like it to. You have to spin it in such a way that it makes them feel as if they are getting the most benefit possible from what you are offering. And that entails tapping into their emotions; their fears and desires.

Get suggestions from your copywriter

Another excellent way to generate wonderful blog post ideas that convert is to get them from your freelancer. Bloggers and writers who do this every day are in constant touch with what readers want to see online. These are the people who are tapped into the desires of the readers from the grassroots level. They know best what kind of topics will convert and gain traction. Give your freelance writer some leeway to run with the blog topics, pending your approval, of course.

It will take some creativity, but you know best how to sell your business. Put some thought into it, do some research and work hand in hand with your chosen copywriter and you will find that you can generate countless blog topics that not only attract new readers and thus new leads, but also backlinks from other respected industry leaders within your niche.

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