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6 Things Every Website Needs

6 things every website needs

It has long been said that your corporate website is your online storefront. It is the first thing that your potential customers come in contact with when they meet your brand. Today, there are many ways to create brand awareness online, through blogs, social media platforms and content writing in general. But despite all this, the one platform that still holds water is your website. This is where all this brand awareness creation efforts lead your readers. They all eventually land on your site.

As such, it is by far the most important asset you have online. Which means you cannot take half measures when designing and building it. If you go online today, you will find all sorts of websites. From some that are outstanding in design to others that are too simple to make an impact. You will also find terrible websites that give the aura of a ‘scam site’ to other platforms that scream professionalism and rigidity. All this you will get in a matter of seconds. As soon as you lay eyes on a certain website, you will have already made judgments about it and the brand it represents. It is a classic case of judging the book by its cover.

That is why every small business owner needs to take good care of the kind of website they put out there for people to see. First impressions matter in this world, and as soon as your potential customers get a bad feeling about your website, it will be almost impossible to win them back.

Here are 6 things every website needs to succeed.

Must-have #1: Your website needs to be responsive

Your website needs to be responsive. In this era, if your website is not responsive, you have no business owning a website. It is that clear-cut. Mobile device users now make up more than 50% of all internet users. What this means is that out of every two people viewing your website, one of them will be doing it through one type of handheld mobile device or another.

If your website does not properly fit on all those different types of screens available for users today, not only will your site create negative user experiences but it will also rank lower on Google. The mammoth search engine has made website responsiveness one of its ranking factors.

Must-have #2: Your website needs high-quality content

Just creating a website for the sake of doing so will not cut it either. Your website needs to serve a purpose, and the primary purpose should be to provide your readers with value. This means useful, high-quality and relevant information. This information needs to come in a variety of ways. From writing content to posting relevant videos as well as images.

When it comes to images and videos, the quality has to be impeccable. Today, users are all about the experience. Unless they can get this from your content, they will click off and go to your competitors. Use a professional freelance photographer or videographer to create excellent quality content for your site.

Must-have #3: Your website needs to load quickly

Your website needs to be fast. With extra fast internet solutions to 4G capable mobile devices, people do not want to wait for anything anymore. Especially not the information they search for online. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you will lose up to 73% of your potential users. In this kind of world, even a hundredth of a second makes a huge difference.

Must-have #4: It needs to have a clear call-to-action and contact information

As mentioned earlier, your website is there to serve a purpose, and that’s to provide value to your potential users. It is also there to tell them more about your brand. You need to use your website to achieve your business objectives. Which for most people means making a living. To get the kind of business you need from your clients, you need to tell them exactly what it is you want them to do. If you want them to buy your products, state it clearly with a highly visible ‘call-to-action’ button. Every bit of content in your website should be working towards this one goal. Every article, every video, image and infographic should tell your clients, either subtly or overtly, what they will gain by buying from you.

Your contact information, on the other hand, needs to be easy to find. You also need to give people all sorts of options to contact you. From email to phone calls, chat options and even live calls. Provide as many options as possible so as you can increase that all important user experience.

Must-have #4: Your website must be SEO optimized

Without search engine optimization all you will have done will be for naught. People need to find your website for it to hold any value for your brand. You need to put it in front of as many qualified eyes as possible so that it can help you generate brand interest and sales leads. Search engine optimization entails a wide field of options. From well-written articles to videos on YouTube, keyword research and optimization and other content marketing options provided by the best website content services. SEO needs to be on-page and off-page.

Must-have #5: Your website needs a sensible web-address

Your domain name is a critical aspect of your website. It needs to be something that is both sensible, catchy, memorable and in line with your niche. It also needs to be something that can help you as far as your keywords are concerned. Some of the best practices when it comes to giving yourself a web-address include:

  • Trying as much as you can to get a .com (people are conditioned to this option)
  • Avoid using dashes in the name
  • Avoid numbers


Going forward, online competition is only going to get fiercer with the years. Without a stable, well-designed and responsive website, this would all be pointless. This year, make sure that your site is the best it can be by adding these 6 things every website needs.


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