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6 Rich People Who Turned Themselves into Plastic

6 Rich People Who Turned Themselves into Plastic

Plastic surgery is growing in popularity, with many people opting to go under the knife to change their appearances. Most known plastic surgery procedures include breast implants, Brazilian butt lift, butt implants, liposuction, Botox, breast lifts and rhinoplasty. A few years ago, you’d have been shamed for mentioning that you have a plastic surgery procedure done. Nowadays, it’s almost become a rite of passage with older teens opting to undergo certain procedures willingly, once they reach 18.

Plastic surgery has not always worked out. There has been a surge of quack doctors claiming to be plastic surgeons, who want to cash in on plastic surgery’s popularity. There have been incidences of women dying because they had industrial waste and cement pumped into their breasts and buttocks. Others have had botched surgeries that have left them scarred for life. In trying to save a couple of thousand dollars by going to a cheap “doctor”, most end up having to pay more to do reconstructive and corrective surgery.

Below is a list of rich people, with money to spare, who turned themselves into plastic.

1. Vinny Oh

Vinny claims that ever since he was born, he always felt like he was an outcast as if he didn’t belong with the rest of us. He “fixed” this by undergoing over 60 plastic surgical procedures to look more like an alien. He has spent over $160,000 to modify his face to look otherworldly. He is currently planning to have his genitalia removed for two reasons. One of them is that he doesn’t like it when people keep asking whether he is a man or a woman. He doesn’t want to identify with either of those sexes. Secondly, he believes that aliens are neither male nor female, so he will no longer have use for his genitals. After he removes his genitals, he plans on removing his nipples and navels next. He states that the procedure will leave him truly sexless. He also claims that aliens do not identify as male and female and yet they are a superior race. As disturbing as this sounds, Vinny does have the support of his family and his manager. They are only concerned about his health and his general well-being.

2. Pixee Foxx

This Carolina born woman has undergone several procedures to make her look like the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. Pixee first became famous after she removed six of her ribs in order to give her a slimmer waistline, similar to that of Jessica Rabbit. Some of the procedures she’s had include brow lift, Brazilian butt lift, labiaplasty, four breast surgeries, two eyelid surgeries, sculping procedure and several cheeks and lip injections. She admits that the procedures were extremely painful and she’s even developed difficulties in digesting her food. Despite that, she still won’t stop until she achieves a waist size of 14 inches. If possible, she claims she would want to continue increasing the size of her breasts.

3. Adam Daniel

This 31-year-old man from California has spent over $75,000 trying to look like Madonna. He has made a living out of impersonating Madonna for the past 12 years. Some of the procedures he has had include brow lifts, fillers and chin and brow lifts. He took obsession to a whole new level after he became enamored with the musician. He claims to have filled his wardrobe with many of her iconic outfits. His mother and boyfriend do not support his lifestyle and career choice, but that won’t deter him. Adam is determined to live how he wants to live; as Madonna’s impersonator.

4. Blondie Bennett

This 38-year-old woman from California is intent on becoming a real-life Barbie. She has so far had five breast enlargement procedures liposuction, Botox, and cheek implants. After five breast enlargements, you’d think she’d want to stop. But Blondie wishes for her breasts to become bigger. Unfortunately for her, she can longer get larger breasts because she has a condition call symmastia which causes her breasts or implants to merge together. This sounds bizarre but Blondie believes that Barbie dolls are not intelligent, and she wants to imitate that as well. She is even undergoing hypnosis classes that are meant to lower her IQ levels. She believes that all barbies care about is their looks and going shopping. She has so far spent $38,000 on the surgeries and is planning to spend more for other procedures she wants to have done.

5. Thalia Almodovar

Thalia is a transgender female who was born male. According to her, she began to become confused about her sexuality during her teen years. It was when she was in high that she decided to transition to become a woman. She got breast implants and butt increase surgery. People then began to compare her to her idol Kim Kardashian. She has so far spent over $31,000 to purchase a wardrobe similar to Kim’s. Because of the fame it has got her, she is even contemplating getting a job as Kim’s impersonator.

6. Monique Allen

She may be the only one on the list who regrets to have any plastic surgery done. Monique, 58, got gender reassignment surgery at the age of 22. She then went on to have 9 breast implants, and 23 nose jobs. All those procedures took a toll on her body and now she has difficulty walking. She has had 12 liters of silicon pumped into her body and she’s spent close to $120,000 to have it removed. She admits to becoming addicted to plastic surgery. She also says that her addiction led her to having unsupervised surgeries by unlicensed doctors. She is now disabled as she fights to stabilize her health.

If you do choose to have any plastic surgery done, it is recommended that you choose your surgeon wisely. Ask around for referrals especially from friends or family who have had similar procedures done. Ensure the doctor you choose has a license to practice plastic surgery.


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