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7 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

7 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

There are thousands upon thousands of blogs online today. Some serve a really good purpose while others are simply there because SEO guidelines say that having a blogs goes a long way in improving your search engine ranking. Excellent blogs such as Zen Habits and Lifehack are all about providing their readers will real, practical solutions to everyday problems. If you were to start a blog, these are the type of blogs to emulate.

But, of course, starting a blog comes down to one fundamental issue: why? Why should you start a blog? Is it something you want to do because you have a flare for writing and you want to share that gift with your readers? Is it something you want to do because you are looking for different ways to increase your online sales and you heard that content marketing is an excellent strategy to do just that? Or is it something you want to do because everybody is doing it?

No matter your reasons for starting a blog, they should be strong and compelling because without them, you will soon find yourself running out of steam and abandoning the platform. Here are some excellent reasons why you should strongly consider starting a blog.

Do it to provide a solution to an everyday problem

Granted, this is not the reason as to why many people start a blog. Most people do so because they want to make a living off it. But if you are going to make a living off your blog, then it had better be full of content that your potential buyers find useful. That is why you should only do so if it is going to be used as a platform that provides a solution to everyday problem. This will make it easier to attract and retain interested readers.

It is a good way to improve your search engine ranking

Google is keen on providing it’s users with impeccably useful content. In their quest to do that, they have designed bots that scour the internet for the best content. Once that content is found, they direct as many of their users towards that platform by placing it high up in the search engine results pages. If you want to rank highly and receive a good amount of organic traffic, starting a blog could be a wonderful way to start your brand towards that path. But it has to be a well-thought out platform with amazingly useful, current and relevant content that has top-notch quality.

It’s a perfect way to create brand awareness

Although just constantly talking about your brand is frowned upon by Google, and really, it is no way to treat your readers, there has to be some content that actually speaks to your brands qualities and achievement. You just have to find a sly way of passing that message across without sounding conceited. Using your blog you can create awesome brand awareness online. Provide people with top-notch quality and promote your material through professional website content service promoters or freelance digital marketers.

This can be done via several avenues including social media, forum postings, guest blogging and PPC campaigns. Whichever path you choose to take, by disseminating branded content, you are letting people know about your company and attracting them to your platforms.

It fosters user engagement

The world we live is a very fickle one. People have way too many choices when it comes to entertainment and solutions online. Unless your brand finds a way to capture and keep the users engagement, it will soon be forgotten and lumped with everything else that ‘has been’. Creating a blog is an excellent way to keep reminding people that you exist. Especially if you are providing them with great content that meets their every need.

It could open up wonderful opportunities for you

Bloggers, copywriters and every day ecommerce business owners who write about hard-hitting issues that not only solve problems but entertain people as well are highly sort after in the corporate world. Through your blog, you could get various opportunities ranging from:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Endorsement deals
  • New career pathways
  • Chances to develop and grow your brand

It helps you build trust for your brand

One of the best ways to build trust for your brand is to constantly give people excellent content that helps them in their lives. Although, as an ecommerce owner, you know that blogging is just another way to try and sell your products or service, you cannot simply go into it with that approach. People do not like being sold. They like to make that choice on their own without feeling coursed. By sending them as much info as they need, they will begin to look at you as their friend and trustworthy resource. This puts you in a perfect position to start selling them your products or services.

It can help you build a business

Ultimately, blogging is one of the best ways to build a significant business online. It is not easy to try and capture as well as direct traffic onto websites. Especially if all that website does is try to sell things to people. Most users get instantly apprehensive when they see ‘buy now’ signs without supporting content. By blogging consistently, you get to connect with these readers, give them content that answers all of their questions/concerns and then lead them towards buying from you by letting them make a choice. Blogging is one of the best ‘soft-selling’ avenues available today.

To ensure that you have the best content and that you post articles on a regular basis, hire a professional freelancer. You can either hire a freelance writer, a digital marketer or a social media expert or all three or start growing your blog today. The sooner you begin doing this, the faster you’ll start reaping the benefits of starting and running your own blog. Remember it is more than just about tooting your own horn. Your blog has to help people solve a certain problem or meet a certain need.


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