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8 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions in the World

8 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions in the World

Most times when people plan a vacation, they have relaxation in mind. Others, however, prefer to court death. There is an undeniable thrill that comes with having a brush with danger. If you like a little bit of danger, then there are several tourist attractions in the world that are known for their danger.

8. Yosemite National Park’s Half Dome

At least 60 people have died attempting to hike on the Half Dome. It takes a whole day to hike the dome. You can expect to burn anywhere between 5000 to 10000 calories. You’ll climb 5000 ft and climb the last 400 ft vertically. The last part is what challenges even the most experienced of hikers the most. Most hikers are advised against attempting to hike on the dome during the rainy season because a combination of slippery rocks and cables equals danger. The other side of the dome, known as Death Slabs, is equally dangerous. There have been several incidences of people falling off the trail and onto the rocks below and being swept away by the river and drowning. Interestingly, there have been hikers who’ve been killed after being struck by lightning during the climb.

7. Hawaii’s Volcano Tours

If the thought of visiting active volcanos is your idea of fun, then you can take a trip to Hawaii and go on its volcanic tours. The volcanoes have been the cause for several deaths in the area, such that the park had to temporarily shut down its bicycle tour after there were three deaths in one year. The tour involves being taken to the top of an active volcano and then riding down on a bicycle. Accidents happen when bikers lose control of their bicycles and end up fatally injured. Another way the volcanos in the area can kill you are through the volcano haze. A haze is a mixture of gases emitted during an eruption. The deadly gases in question are hydrogen sulfide, hydrochloride acid, and carbon dioxide. When inhaled, these gases can cause breathing conditions and heart complications.

6. Alnwick Gardens

The Duchess of Northumberland, Jane Percy, inherited the Alnwick house along with its gardens. She decided to make the gardens extra special. There is a part of the gardens that is known as The Poison Garden, and this is because all the flowers found in that garden can kill you. Tourists are not allowed to actually enter the garden. They can only view it from a safe distance. However, there have still been incidences of some visitors fainting as a result of inhaling some of the toxic fumes emitted by the flowers. The duchess chose to have a poison garden as a way of sparking interest in plants and their properties in visiting school children. She felt like a normal garden would be too boring for them.

5. Skellig Mountain

This tourist attraction recently became popular because it was a filming location for one of the Star Wars movies. This mountain has been a major part of Irish history for decades. It is home to a monastery because of the seclusion it provides as a result of its difficult terrain. The mountain boasts over 600 steps that are steep and free from any safety features. Despite the fact that it is a tourist destination, the mountain has no food, water, toilets, or shelters. The stairs are over a thousand years old and are uneven and rough. The stairs recorded two deaths in 2009.

4. The Colorado River

White water rafting on the Colorado river is a fun family sport. But it is not without its dangers. Heavy rains and melting snow can all affect the swell and flow of the water. In 2007 alone, the river was cause for 12 fatalities and over 150 injuries. Part of those statistics could also be due to neglect in wearing safety gear, and inexperience. In the first few months of 2014, 15 people died, making it one of the biggest tragedies the river has seen in a span of a year.

3. Praia De Boa Viagem

Why would a tourist destination known for its white sandy beaches, warm weather, clear oceans and beautiful sunsets make it on a list for dangerous tourist attractions? This is because this beautiful area in Brazil has been plagued with shark attacks since 1992. Between 1992 and 2012, there have been 56 shark attacks, and even though that might seem like a small number, a third of those attacks led to deaths. The sharks found in those waters are bull sharks, which are known for their love for shallow waters. This makes it dangerous for surfers and swimmers. These types of sharks also prefer coastal places because they love eating up garbage dumped from ships.

2. Acapulco Beaches

This is another unexpected name to find on such a list, but it does happen to be a dangerous tourist attraction by virtue of the number of deaths that have occurred in the city. The crime rate in Acapulco is 30 times that of any American city. In 2013, 200 murders were recorded between January and February alone. The city has a murder rate of 142 per 100,000 people. Still in 2013, six women were raped while on vacation. The only warnings given to visitors planning to tour Acapulco is to fly by air, stay at tourist designated hotels, avoid travelling alone, have enough fuel to transport you between various tourist destinations in the city if you’re driving, and avoid leaving the hotel after sun down.

1. The Kokoda and Black Cat Trails

The Kokoda trail is 60 miles long amid scorching humid temperatures. The jungle is infested with leeches and mosquitoes. It is home to several exotic animal and plant species. In World War 2, the Japanese and Australians fought in the area. Tourists flock the area despite the threat of death and diseases. There are no provisions provided during the trek. Whatever you’ll need, you need to carry yourself. It takes 10 hours of trekking, climbing and swimming for six days to finish the trail. Broken bones, illnesses and dehydration are amongst the biggest threats of this trail. In 2013, a group of tourists hiking through the trail were attacked by locals and escaped convicts. Two died, while others were severely injured. Passports and other belongings were also stolen.

If you love touring the world, and have a taste for danger as well, you could opt to visit any of the tourist destinations mentioned above.



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