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About us

Mmbone Magazine is a credible content website that strives to offer accurate content to its readers. Our site is founded on strong values that include credibility, honesty, and integrity. While you may have fears of fake news from other websites, here we guarantee well-researched and fact-filled details of every story that we publish. We advocate for transparency and are against the spread of inaccurate news. We strive to offer news and information to our reader that is aimed at adding to their knowledge, informing them and entertaining. Additionally, through our interactive platform, you will be able to offer your input and interact with our different contributors and editors.

We appreciate the need for a well-crafted news outlet amid the inherent wave of distorted news delivery and weak journalism. We at mmbone.com found a gap in the way news are spread and decided to bridge the gap by creating a website that guarantees quality. Welcome to our website and enjoy every bit of the content that we publish, we promise gradual modification and custom-made style of news delivery to ensure your enjoyment.

About the Founder
Mmbone Magazine was founded by mercy mmbone, a well-accomplished freelance writer with a work experience of over 5 years. She is a professional SEO writer and a blogger. With her expertise, she has helped hundreds of freelancers, and online web content creators find their space on the wide world of internet. She believes in the quality and transparency of the news disseminated and that there is no room for spreading fake or unhelpful content. Growth and longevity of success inform her drive to be enthusiastic about the online space and shielding it from the invasion of fraudsters by making sure that credible news is in circulation. Together with her editors and other web content creators, Mercy guarantees that this website will be one to reckon with when it comes to credibility.