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Interesting Facts About baseball Games

Interesting facts about baseball games

There are so many fascinating things in this world, and you will be amazed at how much information is available online.  You can find interesting facts if you are an animal lover, like to travel or enjoy sports like baseball. Baseball is an American pastime, and you will find several interesting points, which many fans might not know about.

Read our list below, and you will be amazed and probably tickled, by some of the things we will share with you about baseball.

Jimmy Piersall

Jimmy celebrated his 100th Home Run by running backward.   Like a good joke, it was probably funny to watch him do this, but it did earn him a pink slip from Casey Stengel, the Mets manager. To those who did not understand him, he came across as eccentric, but the truth is that he did battle with bipolar disorder. His life is the basis for the book and movie ‘Fear Strikes out.’

Don Baylor

Don holds the distinction of being the baseball player who played for three different teams in three straight World Series games.  He won 3 silver slugger awards and was given the most valuable player (MVP) title in 1979.

Bobby Richardson

Despite playing for the losing team; the Yankees in the 1960 World Series, Bobby won the MVP title.  He did this by driving in 12, batting point .367 and hitting a Grand Slam.

Gaylord Perry

A joke by Alvin Dark, San Francisco Giants Manager, about ‘putting a man on the Moon before Gaylord Perry hits a home run’ must have been the motivation for Perry during the 1969 baseball game. He proved his manager wrong by hitting a home; ironically it happened just 20 minutes after Neil Armstrong actually landed on the moon. We can only hope that is manager had the good grace to apologize.

Ken Ash

Ash went down in history as winning a game on only one pitch in a baseball game in 1930. He came to the game with no outs and two in. Anyone who knows the game knows that this is a position that many players dread. He, however, managed to pinch hit in the bottom of the inning with only one pitch and led his team to victory.

Garbank brothers

Bob Garbank and Mike Garbank were brothers who played for the athletics and Yankees respectively.  Bob played only 18 games while Mark played over 18.  Now, this is where it gets interesting, they both had an average score of .261, they were both catchers, and both threw out 39% base-stealers.

Other than the brothers, different people have managed to have identical statistics including Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth who both have 2174 career runs.

Clarence Blethen

This funny episode happened in 1923. Clarence probably did not heed his dentist’s warning to be careful about having his false teeth on his person during a game. The gentleman put his false teeth in his back pocket and forgot they were there, when he went to steal second, the teeth clamped down on his butt and injured him.

 Joel Youngblood

This fact may sound weird, but Joel managed to hit for two different teams in two cities on the same day.  He was the center fielder for the Mets in 1992 and managed to knock a single.  When the game was over, Joel had to travel to Philadelphia to join his new team and got there when the game was Midway.  He went in as a pinch hitter and got his second hit for the day.

Jack Norworth and Albert von Tilzer

Their song ‘Take me out to the ballgame’ has become the unofficial anthem of baseball. Ironically, none of them has ever been to any baseball game.

 Jim Abbott

Jim was born without his right hand, but he went on to have a successful baseball career.  In a game against the Cleveland Indians, he threw a no-hitter for the Yankees.

 John Dillinger

We all know him as the infamous bank robber, but before he made this career change, he was a professional second baseman and played in minor leagues.

 Charlie Sheen

You have probably seen him in several movies, and have been privy to his disturbing behavior on-and-off-screen. What you may not know is that Charlie is a baseball fanatic end declined a baseball scholarship in favor of acting.   He once bought over 2600 tickets for a game in Los Angeles so that he would have a higher chance of catching a ball.

Here is another interesting titbit, while at the University of Havana; Fidel Castro was a star baseball player.

Origin and creator of the baseball

Not much is known about when the game started, but it could go back to mid-1700 in the United States.  Abner Doubleday was for a long time believed to be the inventor of the game; however, in 1939, it came to light that he was not.  In 1953, Alexander Cartwright was declared the founder of the baseball.

Perfect pitches

The major league has to date had 23 perfect pitches.  John Lee Richmond holds the honor of being the first to pitch a perfect game in 1880.

Handy tip

Baseball players will urinate on their hands to toughen them.  The result is a better grip on the bat.


There you have it, fun facts about the people and things that make baseball so enjoyable. Despite having its roots in America, baseball has spread on a global level, and more than 100 countries are members of the International Baseball Federation. Japan is second to the US in the size of their baseball league.

So influential is baseball that the grenade used during World War II was in the shape, weight, and size of a baseball;  the idea being that it would be easier to throw. Next time you have a game of trivia with your friends or family, incorporate some of the facts we have highlighted above and watch them scratch their heads.


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