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13 Best Horror Movies Of All Time

Best horror movies of all time

Horror movies are one of the most watched movie genres in the world. That is because some people are addicted to the thrill while others like seeing how ghosts and other kinds of demons terrorize their victim. It is, however, unfair to go without saying that the horrors movies you see today, some were released even before you were born.

Over time, the horror filming industry has been well experiencing good reception unlike in the past when people used to think that the movies are demonic. Today, we are going to look at some of the most excellent horror movie blockbusters of all times.

1. Saw

This is a 2004 movie that is one of the most popular films today. What makes saw one of the greatest is the fact that the victims of the psychopath are trapped and forced to do unbelievable things to earn their freedom; at least that is what they think. As the movie transitions, you are swallowed into a world of no mercy and your back against the wall, your mind will be doing most of the work while your eyes stay glued to the screen. The Saw has several parts, and you might want to start watching from part one.

2. The tenant

This is yet another classic horror movie that will send shears down your spine. This 1976 classic is about a new tenant who occupies a mysterious apartment. Before moving in, there was another tenant who attempted to commit suicide. While his Persian neighbors don’t like him that, Roman Polanski gets himself in trouble with the devil who uses all the tricks he has to have him commit suicide.

3. Scream

This is one of the blockbuster movies during the early 90s that will be hard to forget. That is because during that time the horror filming industry was still not very sure about what the fans want. Scream, on the other hand, was a successful typical movie. The movie is about three teenagers whose path crosses with an obsessed serial killer. It is a classic plus the perfect blend of comedy and scare makes it worth all the credit.

4. A bay of blood

As the name suggests, this is another bloody horror movie with merciless killings. It is a 1971 movie that has inspired so many recent horror movies like Friday the 13th. The film is about a wealthy heiress who mysteriously gets murdered. What follows is a trail of senseless killings motivated by greed. For Mario Bava, this was one of the most successful work as the storyline will keep your mind nowhere but wandering around the movie and the characters.

5. The descent

After losing her family, Sarah’s friends decided to take her on a caving trip to make her feel better. The six girls embark on a journey that will forever change their lives. The deeper they got into the Appalachian Mountains, the more horrific it gets because of the evil that dwells in this dark place. The six explorers fight to find their way back to the ordinary world with each attempt failing.

6. Trouble everyday

If you are more of a vampire person, then this movie will not disappoint you. The story is about two lovers who happen to be vampires and will stop at nothing to satisfy their thirst for blood. The lovers are however being hunted by a scientist who wants to lock them up in his lab. The movie is full of amazing, thrilling scenes that will make you fear the dark for a while.

7. The ritual

This is a more recent movie released in the year 2017. It is about four men who decide to go and camp inside the woods after losing their friend. While they expected to find an escape in the wilderness, the quad is faced with horrifying evil. What makes this movie to be more thrilling is the fact that the producers made sure that nothing is what you expect in the haunted woods.

8. Village of the Dammed

This is a much older movie released in the 1960s however, from the scares and heart thumping scare, The Village of the Dammed is still one of the greatest. The story is about pregnant mothers whose babies are nothing close to human beings. With shiny hair and glowing eyes, the newborns in this village turn out to be descendants of very dark evil powers. The concept used in the movie is today being copied by many horror filmmakers.

9. Ringu

This is another classic Japanese horror movie that was released in 1998. The film was re-done in the United States after it was a success and was being watched by people from around the globe. It is about a tape that was possessed, and when you watch the tape, the powers of the darkness will begin to chase after your soul. While we expect nothing to happen when watching a horror movie, in Ringu, the horror movie becomes real.

10. Paranormal activity

Released in 2007, this is yet another horror movie that will make you start sleeping with the lights on if not during the day. The film is about Katie and Micah who decide to set up a camera on the foot of their bed as they sleep. On reviewing the footage, they realize that something else joins them during the night and haunts them for their soul.

11. The mist

The mist was one of the best-selling films in 2007and the horror begins in a supermarket where the evil mist covers the area leaving people locked inside the supermarket. While you expect the evil to break in, it breaks out from the people inside the supermarket. In the meantime, David Drayton tries to keep his son safe, but they cannot leave the supermarket yet.

12. The invitation

When you have an ex-wife, then you might not want to attend her dinner party because you never know if she joined a cult and wants to sacrifice you. This 2015 movie makes it to the list of the greatest because of the way the story unfolds and how possible being invited as a sacrifice can be.

13. Evil dead

A drug addict is taken to an intervention by friends and family only to find out that he has been sent to a freak show. It is a 2013 movie that can be described in one word; bloody. Nothing you expect ever takes place in this movie apart from the thrilling carnival of slaughter that will blow your mind


Once a film is recognized globally, it makes it to the list of the greatest movies because it is not easy finding a movie that the whole world respects.


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