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20 Fastest Cars in the World You’ll Want to Drive Now!

20 Fastest car in the world

Driving the fastest cars in the world is an event. Their engines bellow with monstrous intent working with a myriad of modern technologies to deliver top speeds that are genuinely terrifying. If you are a speed junkie, and should you not be dissuaded by their exclusivity, you will want to drive one or two in your lifetime. Here is a look at 20 of the fastest cars in the world 2019 and what they bring to the festival of speed.

1. Koenigsegg Jesko – (over 300mph, claimed)

If you are on the hunt for the ultimate performance in a vehicle, look no more. The track-focused, road-legal Jesko has everything an adrenaline junkie would want. It is powered by a heavily modified version of the 5.0L twin-turbo V8 that can run on 95-octane unleaded or E85 biofuel to give 1,262bhp and 1,578bhp respectively. Koenigsegg is yet to reveal the top speed, but they say it will be way over 300mph.

2. Hennessey Venom F5 – (301mph, claimed)

Hennessey claims that their newest creation, the Venom F5, can hit a top speed of 301mph making it the fastest car in the world 2019. The “hypercar” is powered by a 7.4-liter twin turbo V8 engine latched to a 2,950-pound carbon fiber chassis. It can get you from 0-240mph and back to zero in less than 30 seconds.

3. SSC Tuatara – (300mph, claimed)

A drag coefficient of 0.27 gives the SSC Tuatara the best aerodynamics in the supercar world. This is a bold claim from the makers, Shelby SuperCars (SSC). Maybe more audacious than the assertion that the supercar powered by a 5.9 L Supercharged V8 engine, can hit a top speed of 300mph.

4. Bugatti Chiron – (289mph, claimed)

Bugatti is not new to the world of superfast cars, but the Volkswagen Group has crowned the Chiron, king among its varied selection. The two-seater super sports car features an 8.0L quad-turbocharged W16 engine with a peak power output of 1,479 hp. It is alleged to reach speeds of up to 289mph but for safety reasons it is restricted to 261mph.

5. Koenigsegg Agera RS – (277.9mph)

Dubbed the “ultimate track tool,” the Agera RS is the verified fastest car in the world with a straight line top speed of 285mph. The supercar is a blend of the Agera R and Agera S. It features a 7-speed paddle-shift with auto-shift transmission and a 5.0L aluminum twin turbo V8 that gives it the power of 1,160 horses on regular pump gasoline.

6. Hennessey Venom GT – (270mph)

The Venom GT has set many records including becoming both the official and unofficial fastest accelerating road legal car in the world by hitting 0-186 mph in 13.63 sec and 0-200 mph in 17.68 sec respectively. Its top recorded speed is 270mph though it is thought to be capable of more.

7. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – (268mph)

Upon its unveiling, the Veyron was the most impressive car the world had ever seen. For years, the supersport version held on to the title of fastest car in the world with a top speed of 268mph. This is mostly because of its 8.0L quad-turbocharged W16 engine with a power output of 1,184 hp at 6,400 rpm.

8. Rimac C2 – (258mph, claimed)

If the claims made by the Croatian automotive manufacturer are to be believed, the concept two is one of the fastest accelerating cars in history with the ability to reach 62mph from zero in 1.85 sec on its way to a top speed of 258mph. It is powered by a 120kWh Lithium battery and outputs 1,888hp. Semi-autonomy is only one of the impressive features of this car that has been hailed to be “alive with technology.”

9. 9ff GT9-R – (257mph, claimed)

The GT9-R was built by German tuning company 9ff based the Porsche 911 GT3. As the high-performance variant, it produces 1,120 bhp from its 4.0L twin-turbocharged flat-6 engine. It is purported to reach speeds of up to 260mph.

10. SSC Ultimate Aero XT– (256mph)

This was the world’s fastest production car from 2007 to 2010 with a recorded top speed of 256mph. The 2-door coupe, rear wheel drive is powered by a 6.9L Twin-turbocharged V8 that yields 1,300 bhp at 6800 rpm.

11. Koenigsegg Regera – (255mph, claimed)

The Plug-in hybrid sports car is a luxurious alternative to the Agera which was built for tack performance. It was the first of its kind to be produced by the Swedish manufacturer. The supercar features a hybrid power train that delivers a total of 1,797 hp from electric motors and a 5.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

12. Aston Martin Valkyrie – (250mph, claimed)

The Valkyrie, codename Nebula, is set to hit the streets this year. It is an F1 inspired hybrid electric sports car built in collaboration with Red Bull Racing. Aston Martin claims that the supercar can achieve outlandish speeds of up to 250mph thanks to its lightweight all carbon-fiber body and 6.5L naturally-aspirated V12 engine.

13. McLaren Speedtail – (250mph)

The streamliner, which succeeds the F1, is the combined result of a 1,050PS petrol-electric powertrain, a futuristic driver-centered cockpit, and a dramatic aerodynamic design. This iconic supercar is alleged to accelerate from 0-186mph in 12.8 sec and can reach a top speed of 250mph. The engine identity is yet to be revealed.

14. Tesla Roadster 2020 – (250mph, claimed)

Bold submissions have been made about this second generation Tesla Roadster set to hit the market in 2020. It features three electric motors and a 200 kWh battery which Tesla says will give the supercar an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 1.9 sec and a top speed of over 250mph.

15. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo – (248mph)

In 2006, Saleen Automotive introduced the Twin Turbo as a follow-up to the original Saleen S7. It features a pair of Garret turbochargers attached to a mid-mounted 7.0L aluminum V8 engine with a power output of 750bhp. More than ten years later, the supercar is still one of the top 20 fastest cars in the world with a top speed of 248mph.

16. Lykan Fenyr Super Sport – (245mph, claimed)

The Fenyr Supersport is faster than its predecessor, the Lykan Hypersport, and has the heart of a Porsche. Its full carbon body, powered by a tuned 3.8L Porsche twin-turbocharged flat-six engine generating 799hp will allow it to accelerate from 0-124mph in 9.4 sec and reach a top speed of 245mph.

17. Koenigsegg CCR – (241mph)

Kenigsegg’s CC8S evolved into the CCR bringing on board not only an upgraded body design but also a more powerful 4.7L twin-supercharged V8 engine with a power output of 806hp. In 2005, this 6-speed manual transmission sports car claimed the title of fastest production car in the world, albeit briefly, by hitting a top speed of 241mph.

18. Bugatti Divo – (236mph)

The French manufacturer focused more on handling while creating the Divo making it slower than the Chiron on a straight line but 8.0 sec quicker around the track. It features the same 1,479hp engine as the Chiron, but everything else is different including its material which is made of Alcantara and carbon fiber to make it lighter.

19 Pininfarina Battista – (218mph, claimed)

Italy’s legendary automotive design house finally got to build their car and it is unsurprisingly the most powerful road-legal car ever made in the country. Powered by a 120 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the Battista generates an impressive 1,874bph and is apparently capable of reaching 186mph from zero in less than 12 sec before attaining a top speed of 218mph.

20. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster – (217mph)

The Aventador SJV is arguably the most extreme Italian drop-top of all time. Its naturally aspirated 6.5L V12 engine generates imposing numbers and a deafening noise to boot. The Italian carmaker says the supercar can manage 0-124mph in 8.8 sec and a top speed of 217mph making it the ultimate modern Lambo one of the top 20 fastest cars in the world 2019.


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