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How to Create Compelling Content for Your Blog in 6 Easy Steps

how to create compelling content for your blog in 6 easy steps

The digital market is driven by content. Plain and simple. No matter how awesome you think your platform may be, if it does not have compelling content, it holds no value for your customers, and that means you will have NO customers. That is why professional copywriters are in such high demand. Companies have realized that to attract qualified leads that will be converted into sales at some point in the future, they need to provide fresh and compelling content on a regular basis for their readers.

What is compelling content?

Of course, the definition of compelling content varies from one niche to another. But in simple terms, this is content that will not only provide valuable information to your readers, but that will also get them to take action. Whether you are selling a product or a service, compelling content is the kind of content that will drive your readers into action mode and make them buy, if not immediately, then in the very near future.

Tangible ways to create compelling content for your blog

Before you even get started in on how to create compelling content for your blog, you need to know what persuasive content entails. These straight-forward yet useful commandments on creating valuable and compelling content will help you out with that very issue. Here is what you need to do:

1. Clearly define the purpose of your content

Whether you’re writing blog posts or using freelancers to make great videos and images, you are creating content. This process takes time, some thought and expertise. It, therefore, needs to serve a purpose. You can’t just be writing for the sake of writing. You need to have a certain ‘end game’ in mind. Most people create content to drive traffic and improve their search engine ranking. But underneath all that, what does your content look to achieve?

Do you want to provide your audience with factual information about your niche so that you are known as an expert? Do you want to give them just enough information about your offers so that you are only attracting people who want to buy or do you want to create content for the sole purpose of entertaining them? What is your end game? As soon as you define this, you will see which path to take.

2. Find ways to evokes feelings of nostalgia

Psychology tells us that people love to reminisce and think of past good times. A time when everything was simpler and life was much easier. These feelings make people happy and create a warm feeling inside them. This, in turn, makes them look fondly upon whatever is creating that feeling inside them.

If you can find wonderful nuggets of past pop-culture lore that are in direct relation to your brand, you can create content around this and evoke these feelings. Our past is full of these nuggets, and as such you will have an endless supply of content writing ideas.

3. Make it about your readers

People are generally self-centered. The invention of the ‘selfie’ has made that painfully evident. Find ways to focus your content on your readers. Use their names, their images and even their ideas to create compelling content. A great deal of this might require their permission, so be sure to get their consent before going live.

One of the best ways to do this is to encourage your users to comment on your previous content. Not only is it an excellent way to find out what your readers think about your already existing content, but it is also a great way to foster customer relations, build a platform for customer service as well as create excellent customer engagement.

4. Use humor

There is a good reason why sitcoms do so well on TV, people like laughing. Laughter is contagious, and it is a way to remind us that life doesn’t have to be so difficult and serious all the time. If you can find a way to make people laugh while giving them the necessary information that will get them to act, you will have found the perfect formula to keep people coming back to your website for more.

You can use self-deprecation, or you can joke about serious issues within the niche to pass your opinion across, educate your readers and to get them to smile a little. By making them laugh, you will be slowly endearing them to your brand, and that will foster trust as well as a feeling of ‘identification’. They will want to be associated with your brand, and this will get them to share your content widely.

5. Court controversy

Although this is an effective way to foster relevance, it can thoroughly backfire if not done correctly. By swimming against the current, you will be effectively making your brand stand out. You will immediately separate yourself from the group of ‘followers’ to that of ‘leaders’. Find trending topics, take a critical look at them and create compelling copy that is in opposition to the common belief.

For example, when everybody is talking about how awesome the Paleo diet can be, create a listed article on why it is not for everybody. Not only will this article be read by those who support the Paleo diet (if only to disprove it) but it will also be read by everybody else who is interested in healthy living but needs to find an alternative to the available fads. Either way, it will be read, and it will be widely discussed online. Thus putting the spotlight on your brand.

6. Put in the work

There are no short-cuts when it comes to creating compelling content. Even if you choose to use a website content service, you still need to remain involved. You know your audience best, and you know what kind of brand image you want to create. Be involved in this process and correct as necessary. Other than that, using professional freelancers and bloggers is a wonderful way to create impressive content that is not only relevant, but that is of the highest quality.


Compelling content can either be excellent blog articles, amazing videos, beautiful images or infographics. How you get to those sales is a whole different matter altogether.


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