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How to Make Your Content 10X Better than Your Competitors

How to Make Your Content 10X Better than Your Competitors

When trying to come up with the best content marketing strategies, companies will look to hire the best freelancers, create the best copy and come up with extremely creative ways to rank for their chosen keywords. What is surprising is that many companies will do all this, but they will not look at what their competitors are doing. We are not talking about business competitors, we are talking about everyone else who is trying to rank for similar keywords. These are the people who are diverting most of what should be your organic traffic.

Without doing a thorough and comprehensive competitive analysis on these people, you could very well be running a losing race without even knowing it. By using online tools such as SEMRush you can easily run a competitive analysis on what everyone else is doing out there and use that information to make your content better.

High-quality content always wins in the end

The truth is, no matter what tricks you use to rank higher than every other site, this kind of ranking would only be temporary. That is unless you actually offer your readers high-quality content that they can come back to time and time again. Evergreen, high quality and niche specific content always wins in the end. That being said, here are ways through which you can make your content 20x better than your competitors.

How to produce better content than your competitors

Experiment with different types of content

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with text, it is often good practice to try and mix it up a little bit. Experiment with all sorts of content types from video to graphics, audio, interactive content, animations and anything else that you think your particular niche of readers will appreciate. In fact, video has become one of the best type of content formats on the web today. One of the easiest way to get your content to go viral is to turn into a memorable and enjoyable video that people can share amongst themselves.

Make it simple enough to read and digest

When someone comes to your platform, they shouldn’t have to feel as though they are walking into a literature class with a test at the end. Your content needs to be easily digestible and simply written. Try as much as you can not to use industry jargon (unless you intend to include definitions and descriptions alongside the difficult words). Try as much as you can to make everything easy to understand. Remember, your content should seek to give the reader better understanding of what it is you are offering and how it can be of use to them. You will not be able to do this if you confuse them in the process.

Properly structure your content

People generally have a very short attention span, especially when they are online. There is just way too much to read and watch. The best ranked content has bulleted lists about 78% of the time. This makes the material easy to scan and allows your readers to go through it quickly picking out the parts that are of interest to them. What you need to remember is that most of the people who read your material do so because they are researching on something. Lists help them with that process, they can simply tick off what they already know and note what they do not.

Make sure your pages load fast

It doesn’t matter what kind of high quality your content has, if your pages do not load fast, people will simply not stick around. You need to do all you can to make sure that your pages load as fast as possible. You should also do everything you can to improve those loading speeds going forward.

Provide your readers with valuable links

Even though most website owners think that placing out-bound links is just another way for them to send their readers towards their competitors, this practice could actually give you favor in their eyes. If you are keen to provide your readers with useful links that give them further value on whatever it is they are interested in, they will start seeing you as an expert in the field. It shows them that you are constantly looking to improve the quality of their lives by giving them what they need. Plus, Google does not penalize your ranking for outbound links, so what’s the harm?

Give reader what they want plus what they do not know yet that they want

This is where that old saying that goes ‘if you build it they will come’ works. Unless you build a platform that gives the readers exactly what they want, they will not come, or at the very least, they will not come back. Strive to give your readers what they want. The best way to do this is to monitor blog comments and social media interaction. Find out what pain-points your potential customers are suffering from and solve these issues through your content.

Additionally, you can monitor where the industry is going and give your readers the kind of information you know they will need in the near future. This will not only portray you as an expert in your field, but it will make you a thought leader as well. This is how you develop a loyal following that will not hesitate to share your content with others.

Finally, you should consider hiring the best copywriters. Let’s be honest, as much as you may be an excellent entrepreneur, you might not be the best of writers. We all have our diverse talents. Instead of trying your hand at everything, if you find that you cannot write compelling copy, then it is better to hire someone who can.

Today, thanks to the vast freelance culture that the world is experiencing, there are many excellent writers available and ready to work online. For an affordable amount of money, you can either hire a freelance writer/blogger or you can find a digital marketing service that will take care of everything for you from coming up with an effective content marketing strategy to the actual content itself.


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