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Smart Ways to Produce Content that Will Grow Your Business

Smart Ways to Produce Content that Will Grow Your Business

Today’s customers are without a doubt savvier than customers from a few years back. In the 80s and 90s – even in the early 2000s, all you had to do was create a one-page website where you could plaster content about what you offer and then direct the customers towards your brick and mortar establishment. In this era, it was all about the business and what it offered.

Early day copywriters used to concentrate on the products, their features and maybe a little bit about their benefits. The customer would only interact with the selling company either through email, phone calls or by walking into the actual store. But that is no longer the case.

Modern day, digitally savvy customer

Today, customers hardly ever walk into any brick and mortar store. At least not before they have extensively interacted with the company online. At which point, their walking into your land-based store, if at all, is just a formality because they have already decided to buy from you anyway.

What with all the different digital ways through which companies can connect with clients today, including blogs, social media engagement, company-centric apps, forum postings, YouTube videos and email marketing, it is no wonder customer only need their smartphone and internet connection to make an informed choice. This is where your content marketing strategy comes into play.

Unless you can find a way to attract and keep the attention of Millennials and other online buyers, your company is very much dead and in the water. Most companies have wizened up and developed fully fledged digital marketing departments that handle all of their online content including social media. Those that do not have the budget to sustain an entire department have chosen to hire outside help in the form of digital marketing companies or freelancers who help with copywriting, content strategies as well as marketing.

But, if you are just new to this and are looking to get your hands dirty a little bit, then you should look into learning different, yet smart ways to produce content that will grow your business.

Your content must be customer-centric

As much as you still need to toot your own horn and tell people about your brand, your content simply must put the customer first. It is all about customer engagement now. You have to give them what they want when they want it.

Listen to what your customers are saying

There is a reason why most blog posts and platforms have a comment section. It is so you can give your readers a voice. More often than not, readers, who are really just your customers and potential customers, use this opportunity to air their view about your brand, your industry and your service delivery in general. Some use this opportunity to vent out their frustration, either at your brand or the industry in general. Whatever the case, this is an opportunity to hear what your customers are saying.

What is it about the industry and your brand that they like the most? What are the obvious pain points? What do they wish they had more of and what is it that they extremely enjoy? The answers to all these questions can be found in various niche-oriented comment sections all over the web. All you have to do is listen. From there on you can formulate content that addresses every issue raised. Be sure to let the commenters know about this generated content and they will be more loyal to your brand for it. Provided the content is useful.

Speak to the customer directly

People no longer want to just belong to a group of people. As much as there are many different social media groups, just as there are different social circles, your customers actually want to be treated like individuals. This means personalizing the kind of content you present them with as well as addressing them by name when at all possible.

Stop saying things like ‘we’ when the context suggests ‘the company with an extension or inclusion of the customers’. Talk to them directly. Make them feel like the message was specifically crafted for just them as opposed to the whole group. This is why email marketing is still not dead. Because email is more personalized and addresses the customer by name as well as speaks to their specific needs.

Make your content readily available

Today, it is not a matter of whether you need responsive design, but just how well your responsive designed platforms are working for you. Your need for responsive design is a foregone fact. You simply have to have responsive design. Customers are no longer chained to their desks by the desktop computers. Now they can access the internet from any given location via their mobile devices. Your content should be tailored to suit every single one of these devices. What you write on your blog should be as available to someone using their smartphone as it is to someone using their laptop or tablet. The format should be perfect and so should the material.

Talk to every customer based on where they are in the sales cycle

It is very easy to lose a customer who is further along in the sales cycle by constantly sending them prospecting material. Most people have very short attention spans. We live in a ‘microwave society’ where your customers expect to get what they want when they want it. If your customer is just getting to know your brand, pushing them to buy immediately could send them running for the hills.

You need to make good use of your web-analytics as well as customer data. Know how your customers behave during every section of the sales cycle and tailor your content to speak to every individual group separately. This will make them feel special and heard.

As a brand, you should learn to embrace new technology and ways to connect with the customers. It doesn’t matter whether you think that your customers are not so tech savvy or not. The fact that Millennials are the ones making a huge chunk of online purchases today shows that they already know a bit about technology. Take the time to learn and keep up with new trends. Create your content to meet your customers on their own turf.


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