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Stop Blaming Your Parents for Your Problems and Failures in Life

Stop Blaming Your Parents for Your Problems and Failures

Let’s be realistic. Some parents are just terrible. Absolutely horrendous. A number of us have been hurt by parents – physically, emotionally and mentally. We are not proposing that you deny your past, however, we are recommending that you don’t live there.

It will kill you in very many different ways.

Regardless of the extent to which you think your parents contributed to your anger, you need to let go.  If you keep holding on to the anger, you’ll harm yourself more than you’d hurt them. Quit being an adolescent or a moronic and understand that you’re the only person in charge of your happiness.

Despite the fact that you may have a decent “reason” to be endlessly pissed at your, probably loving parents, you should learn to let it go. If you choose to hold on to that damage regardless of what we say here, in no time you’ll turn into a bitter, ancient-looking creature with no love in your heart.

Save Yourself the Heartache

Continually blaming your parents is a waste of your time.

What’s more, in case you’re not cautious, it’s a waste of your life. Constantly blaming your parents will destroy you.

When you’re still holding on to bitterness and the wrongs committed against you by your parents from a long time ago, it’s YOU that’s the issue. When you’re 25, 55 or 70 and you’re still talking and acting like a teen who’s getting back at their parents, you require a huge awakening.

What Can You change about The Past?

The main thing you can change about your childhood is the manner by which you give the anger in you the chance to influence you now. That is all that you can do about the past.

Throughout the years, psychologists have worked with individuals who have reprimanded their guardians for everything from their poor socialization skills to broken relationships, and even to their poor dietary plans. Really? Hold your head high and take charge of your life.

If you can take care of yourself and know what you really want, then you are capable of taking charge of your life.

It is not your parent’s fault that you’re failing in life. Neither is it their fault that you can’t talk to women or men you have a crush on. Maybe they had a hand in making you as shy as you are today or maybe they didn’t let you go to the mall enough, and so you didn’t learn how to interact with others during your childhood. Most of us aren’t that good at interacting with our peers either. But we don’t go around blaming our parents for that. We look around for solutions. We read books, scour the internet for tips on picking up women and we watch movies like ‘Hitch.’ We do what we can to improve our situation.

Why child therapy did not work

Psychologists say that the typical misconception many people have about child therapy sessions is the fact that they think it’s an avenue for bad mouthing their parents.

This common misconception is frequently joined by explanations like, “The past is over and done. What’s the purpose of digging up excruciating memories? You can’t change history,” and the ever-mainstream, “You’re a grown-up now; assume liability for your issues and quit playing the victimized person.”

The reason numerous specialists are intrigued by your adolescence is not so that they can help you place blame on people, or attempt to change the past. Putting fault is barely productive, and changing the past is clearly unimaginable and impossible.


Why do we need to stop blaming our parents or our childhood? Because, unless we do, we can never move forward with our lives. We’ll forever be stuck in the past! And, eventually turn into bitter old people with no one to love.


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