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We are glad that you found this website. Welcome. Please read the “Site Terms” and analyse our website terms before you start using it. The terms will serve as a guideline for our services, content technologies, applications and the www.mmbone.com as a whole. Www.mmbone.com is referred in here as “our website”. By accessing our website or using any of the services or by clicking to agree to our site terms you agree to be bound by our set rules and our privacy policy. By using our website, you agree that you are of the legal 18 years and above and you have agreed to enter into a binding contract with us. If you have not attained the 18 years limit, you must not access or use our site services.

The Website Terms

These site terms are as binding as any written or oral agreements. They have a contractual binding effect on your usage on our website. If you disagree with our site terms, please desist from using our website. We hold the sole liberty of changing our site rules anytime, if you do not agree with the terms you may discontinue using our website. Your continued use of our websites implies that you agree with the site terms, and our terms, therefore, remain binding. Whenever you visit our site, you reaffirm your acceptance of the site rules. The site rules are subject to changes and supplements and it is your duty to keep reviewing the site terms in case of any changes. The supplement changes may be in the form of the addition of terms and condition governing our website or specific content posted on our website. The additional terms and conditions may govern particular posts, content or transactions within our site.

Terms and conditions

1. We reserve the rights to discontinue, remove or suspend your use of our website or delete the site itself. We are at liberty of suspending, modifying or changing our website or a part of its content without notice. You agree that you will bare all the third party liabilities caused by this modification in case of any. You also agree that we shall also not be liable to you or to anything that pertains to you for any such alteration or in any case or for whatever reason our website (any part thereof) is unavailable, deleted temporarily or permanently for any time. Additionally, we reserve the rights to block your access to our website for any reason we deem deserving, and we reserve the right to take any action that we feel is in the best interest for our company and our interests and those of our users in respect to our terms that govern our website access requirements.

2. For you to access and use content in our website or any other services that we provide, you might be asked to provide some form of registration and identification as a requirement for the access of the material. Every time you give these details, we assume that they are right to correct and verifiable. It is a condition that every user provides the correct information. You consent that all the information you provide at any particular instance as you use our website is accurate and that it is consistent with our website privacy policy. You agree that our privacy policy governs all the action we take using the information you provide. You agree to use our website and all its content for lawful purposes and in accordance with our site terms. You consent that you will not use our website; In any way that breaks the state, local or international laws and rules including (but not limited to regulations that govern the export of online data, applications or software to and from any country) for the purpose of harming or mistreating minors by and not limited to) asking for personal information, exposing them to inappropriate or harmful content or otherwise. Using, sharing downloading or uploading any content that does not comply with the set standards in section 3(d) below or any other content standards set or that we specify from time to time in our website. To transmit facilitate or procure the sending of any promotional, chain letters, “junk mail” or spam without our prior written consent.
To impersonate or try to copy any addresses and screen names and masquerade as one of the members, users or employees of our website.
To engage in any activities that restrict or inhibits other users from enjoying using our website. We reserve the rights to identify these harmful activities and will take the action we deem appropriate. You also agree not to:

Use our website in a manner that may hinder its accessibility to other party users or in a way that may damage, inhibit or cause liability to our website or our users.

• Use robot spiders or any other automatic devices and programs to hinder the access of our website or for any other reason such as monitoring users and the content, copying or transferring material from our website.
• Introduce any technological harmful materials or programs such as viruses, worms, logic bombs, Trojan horses or any other material that may harm our website or its users.
• Use devices and programmes that hinder the proper working of our website.
• Attempt to gain unauthorised access or try to interfere with the servers where our website is stored or any part of our website database or computers connected to it.
• Attack our website using the distributed denial-of-service-attack or using the denial-of-service-attack
• Attack our website in any other way that we deem harmful.

3. We reserve all the rights to the content posted on our website. Once you submit your work tour website you relinquish some of your rights.

a) The copyright laws protect our website content; including all the photographs, audios, videos texts and all the content contained in as a collective compilation. We (subject tour licensors and the licensees under entered and signed agreement understandings and necessary arrangement) reserve the rights therein. You must abide by our site copyright regulations that allow you to use our material for personal and non-commercial use only. You must therefore not reproduce, create copies, modify, and redistribute content contained in our website. You must also not download site on any form, publicly perform, publicly display any material therein without our prior written consent except for the following reasons:

• When your computer stores RAM temporary content accessed in our website
• If our web browser automatically stores cache, the material in your computer that is meant for enhanced display purposes.
• If we provide applications for either mobile or computer desktop usability, you may download and use such for personal use only.
• You are allowed to download and print a considerable number of pages for your personal use and reference and not for redistribution of any kind whatsoever.
• If we provide, redirect links, or social media features with specific content you may take such actions through the provides features. You much not:
• Delete or alter any content in our website or any proprietary rights, trademarks or any unauthorised private property from the content posted on our website
• Modify any content, copies of any material on our website
• Use any illustration, audio files, and photographs from the material in our website without the accompanying text.

4. Your usage of our content is restricted as follows:

a) You must not access and use any material displayed on our website for the purpose of redistribution or any commercial use. Unless stated otherwise in our website or permitted by us through writing you must not use any content available on our website. If you need to use any material available on our website, you may request through [email protected]

Violation of these terms in form of downloading, using and redistributing material from our website illegally, your right to use our website will be suspended indefinitely and at our request must destroy or return the copies made of the said material. No right title or content in or to our website is directly transferable to you, for the content where this right is not expressly stated We reserve all the right to such content. Any violation of the site terms and use of materials not permitted by us is a breach of contract and may violate copyright, state and trademarks. You may not use logos, slogans, names and all related logos to our products either from our website or from our affiliates. You must acquire written permission from us for you to use such. All the slogans names and designs are protected by trademark regulations.

b) By submitting any content to us and to our website through any medium whether through writing, social media or directly or our website or through any other technological medium you relinquish your rights to the content. We( and our affiliates) henceforth reserve the right to modify, edit, redistribute, publicly display, store and use the content for lawful purposes including commercial promotional and for marketing purposes. You, therefore, grant us and our affiliate agents a perpetual irrevocable, worldwide royalty-free, sub-licensable right, non-exclusive right to display broadcast such content in our website and in our affiliate sites and any sites that we sublicense the content. We reserve the right to sub-license our
affiliates to edit texts audios and videos you submit to us, you agree thereto to agree to the material reediting, redistribution and display in their social media or websites. You agree not to have any right to such sublicenses or the sub-licensees.

c) You warrant to us that;

i) you are capable to enter into a legally binding contract
ii) You provide truthful and up to date information about yourself every time you are asked to do so.
iii) You will comply to the site set rules all the time you access it
iv) Your usage of the site and interaction does not cause liability to our users or the third parties.
v) You shall individually be liable for the submissions you make and consequences that may arise thereon.

This may include personal information such as home addresses or third party addresses. WE ARE NOT LIABLE OR RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT MAY ARISE FROM SUCH SHARINGS ON OUR WEBSITE.

You shall not post any content intending to offer professional advice including the provision of medical care or advise of any kind. That said you reaffirm through any submissions you make that i) you own or have the necessary licenses rights and consents to allow and authorize us to use the information that you submit in our website and that is shall not cause any third party conflicts and that all the information you provide is compliant to the site rules. ii) you have obtained written consent and permission from trademarks and third parties information through identifiable individuals. In furtherance of the foregoing, you consent that you will not

a) you shall not submit copyrighted content protected by private trademarks without prior permission from the owners, that you shall ensure that you have the permission to publish all the content that you submit and you will relinquish all the rights by submitting the content to our website.

b) You will not publish incoherent, false or unsubstantiated content and claim it to be the truth or that could damage third party or us.c) You shall not submit obscene, pornographic, defamatory, libellous, threatening, unlawful hateful or harassing content that could harm third parties or us or any users of our website.

d) You shall not Post promotional or solicit business. We reserve all the rights to the content submitted to our website to either redistribute, edit or remove submissions without prior notice. So after submission, you agree that we may resubmit, syndicate or publish it to our affiliate website and third-party platforms without payment or prior notice, consideration or attribution to you. We may also remove content posted by you for any reason. We reserve the reason to so.

d) The following guidelines apply to all your posts and submissions on our website. All the posts and submissions shall comply in entirety all the set rules and regulations both local and international. Without limiting foregoing your posts and submissions must not;

i) Contain any defamatory, indecent, abusive, offensive harassing violent inflammatory or otherwise objectionable.
ii) Promote promiscuity, violence or discrimination based on disability religion race sex nationality orientation or age.
iii) Violate the legal rules of a state or country (including privacy and publicity rights) or contain information that could incite readers to cause criminal offences and damages of any kind. The posts must be in full compliance of this site terms and privacy policy ( you may hyperlink this) iv) Infringe on copyrights patents and trademarks of any other person without their prior consent.
v) Be like to deceive people
vi) Cause annoyance, anxiety inconvenience, likely to upset, embarrass, annoy or alarm another person.
vii) Involve commercial activities or sales or any competitions such as sweepstakes contests without our prior written consent.
viii) Give false implication of endorsement of content either by us or any of our affiliates.
ix) Impersonate any person affiliation or misrepresent your identity or any other organization

5. You have the right to complain if you feel that your copyright is being infringed. We take copyright infringement seriously, we will, therefore, respond to such claims with more seriousness. We endeavour to comply to the set laws concerning the set infringement. You may request removal(or access to them) of any material in our website that you may feel infringing on your copyright. Identifying the material you believe have been infringed on our website will help us identify and locate if easier on our website. Make sure you provide sufficient information that we are able to contact you( your name post address and email address) once our investigation is done. That the said statement was not obtained in the rightful ways and the copyrighted material is not authorized and the user did not obtain the required permission and that his/ her actions and that of the agents are unlawful. A statement all the information you give as an individual is true and correct.A statement that you are the owner of the copyright in question or that you are authorized to act on their behalf. Send such complains to [email protected]

Note: if you erroneously claim that material is an infringement on your copyright or any activity in our website, you shall be held liable to all the costs that went into the investigations including the attorney’s fees if any.

6. You may not redistribute, modify, create copy derivatives of any information posted on our website without prior permission. You may not store in any form any information copied or downloaded from our website. You may not share, transmit except if permitted to do so by us. Additionally, you shall not use any information to create a database of any kind. We expect the fair use of all the content found on our website.

7. We are not responsible and do not hold the same opinions held by the contributors to our website. Opinions and statements made on our website by third parties, e.g. bloggers or users who contribute content via any form are theirs and do not reflect on any way on our website. The accuracy of the information represented is solely on the writer and not on us. We additionally reserve the right to remove or block any postings.

8. You will be liable for any harm that we suffer due to your violation of these site terms or breach of agreements and warranties. You agree to indemnify and make sure that www.mmbone.com and its affiliates, directors, stakeholders, employees officers, managers, agents and licensors from and against all resulting losses. These losses include attorney’s fees resulting from breach or violation of any of the said site rules or any of the parties that you represent hereunder. We reserve the rights to raise any claims of which we are entitled to indemnification. In such cases, you agree to provide us with information we deem reasonably enough as requested by us.

9. Certain disclaimers are necessary to note as you use our website: our website is available as “it is”. We do not guarantee that it will be error-free or be uninterrupted. There will be delays, interruptions inaccuracies in the content provided in our website. We do not guarantee that all the information,
statement, opinion, advice provided by our contributors displayed in our website or available through the links provided, we therefore do or endorse any action called for as the gospel truth or the right decision to take. We reserve the right to correct, edit the error s or the omissions represented in our websites. We are committed to do all that it takes to prevent the introduction of worms and viruses on our website but we do not guarantee that our website will be free of these. We are not liable for any harmful damages that may happen to you once you download material from our website. If you decide to follow the material on our website to the letter you are on your own and you place yourself at your own risk. Due to the variety of the sources and inter-device distribution, the material contained I our website might contain errors and inaccuracies. If you should choose to rely solely on the material provided by our website you agree to liable for the damages and inconveniences that may arise. We do not guarantee that our material and information provided on our site will work for whatever you may be searching for.

10. We are not responsible or any linked sites. Not all the content and material represented by third parties in linked sites represent the views from our websites. We have no control over such sites, therefore, you acknowledge and agree we are not responsible for the information contained therein. We do not promote, endorse, and guarantee the accuracy of any content contained therein. We are not liable to the accuracy, quality products or other material on the sites. We are therefore not liable for any damage caused by reliance on such information.

11. We might be legally compelled to disclose extra information about you. In case of a court subpoena, you agree that we will disclose the information required private or not. We shall do this without prior notice or consent from you. We may, therefore, disclose your name, email address, IP location and other information asked for thereto.

12. Our liability to you might be limited: we and ours are not responsible for damages, injuries, business losses whether direct, indirect or consequential. We will, therefore, be not liable for such damages caused by our website inaccuracy, the omission of data and information, interruptions or any other loss.

13. You agree to transact with us electronically. Any transaction that shall be between you and us will be through the electronic means. You, therefore, agree that we shall send you notices and important communication that we deem important to send to you. Make sure that your email address is up to date all the time updated so that you shall not miss any communication. If you miss any information due to a non-updated email, you shall bear the liability. If you do not will to continue to transact with us you might cease to using our website.

14. You are responsible for acquiring all the equipment and electronics required to access our website and our affiliate site. You will bear the cost of purchasing such equipment. These include devices, routers for internet access and any other equipment that will your access to our website. You are additionally liable to all the mobile and data providers fees if you access our services through such services you are liable to the said charges.

15. You shall not share your password and username. In any case, where you are required t sign in to access any part of the information in our website, you agree that you will share neither the password nor the username to another person or company. Excessive logging in and viewing from one login shall be treated as fraudulent and malicious use of the services. This will result to cancellation of the subscription, removal of the account without refund of any subscription fee paid and without prior notice. We have the right to suspend any name or password whether created by you or given to you by us with or without any reason as we deem necessary especially if we feel that you have violated our site terms. This shall be done without prior notice.

16. We do not enter into an agreement or collect any information from children under the age of 13 years, therefore if you feel or are aware of such a child that might have provided the information, contact us through [email protected] and we will do our best to delete the information from our website.

17. You agree that in case of a claim or a complain that you may have about our website that you shall raise that within one(1) year from when it occurred, failure to that you agree that the matter shall be
barred forever.

18. Due to the global nature of the internet, you agree that you shall abide by the international laws and the local set laws of the country that you reside in, such laws include the use of data and use of exported data.

19. Kenyan Laws shall govern any dispute with us. You waive all your rights to complete any suits (confirm this) By continuing to use our website you agree to all the said rules above and agree to abide by these sites terms.