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Top 10 High Paying Work From Home Jobs for Moms

Top 10 High Paying Work From Home Jobs for Moms

Most moms have the talent, skills and expertise to perform all kinds of jobs. The good news is that there are plenty of jobs for them on the internet. Whether it’s tutoring children, administrative tasks or becoming a YouTuber, there’s plenty of work on the internet for mom’s who know how to find them.

Some jobs are easy to do while others require a little bit of effort and some others need some prior training or experience. The critical point to remember here, however, is that you have plenty of options, and it’s up to you to find them. So, if you’re looking for great online jobs then here are 10 fun, flexible and well-paying work from home jobs for moms.


  1. Data Entry Worker

Data entry jobs aren’t the most interesting jobs in the world, but they offer flexible work hours and good pay. A decent data entry worker can expect to start at $10 per hour.

Data entry workers are required to input written or printed information provided by their client into certain apps and programs. So it’s an easy job all things considered. However, you will need to type fast if your client has a deadline, and you will need to pay close attention to what you’re typing, to avoid any errors.


  1. Virtual Assistant

Are you good at handling administrative tasks? Become a virtual assistant. Virtual assistant jobs are ideal for moms, particularly those who have a lot of free time in the mornings.

As a virtual assistant, you will be expected to manage records, answer calls and generally handle secretarial jobs from the comfort of your home.

Virtual assistants can earn between $10 to $15 on average. So, if you like administrative work then becoming a virtual assistant can be an excellent source of income.


  1. Writer and Editor

Moms have what it takes to become successful writers and editors. If you have a lot of literary experience, you can use those skills to generate money from the comfort of your home.

You can, for example, become a ghostwriter for various blogs and websites. This job will require you to write articles for sites that need additional content. If you have a lot of experience writing journalistic articles, then you can become a freelance journalist for online magazines. You can even become a professional reviewer by writing unique reviews about items or services that you feel passionate about.

However, if you prefer editing, then there are plenty of editing jobs on the internet. Sites, like upwork.com for example, offer plenty of editing jobs, and you can find similar ads on various freelancing sites.


  1. Transcriber

If you like writing but don’t like coming up with new content, then become a transcriber. Not only do transcribers have flexible work hours, but they also earn around $25 an hour on average.

Transcription is also easy to do. Just get the audio files from your client and start transcribing them on a word document. Once you’re finished, upload your work to the appropriate platform, and you’re done.

Naturally, you will need to have sharp typing and listening skills to become a transcriber, but if you can handle the challenge, then this is one of the home-based best jobs available to you.


  1. YouTuber

A moderately successful and monetized YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of followers can make thousands of dollars of income.

Moreover, many successful YouTubers also maintain accounts on Patreon and Maker Support, both of which allow them to accept donations from their fans, and thus increasing their income.

So, if you know how to create great videos that people will enjoy, why not try becoming a YouTuber? If your videos become successful, and if you can attract a lot of followers, you may turn your channel into your livelihood.


  1. Blogger

Blogging is a great source of income, but only if you can attract a sufficiently large audience. Blogging is a great way to talk about the things that you’re passionate about, whether it’s current events, family life, art, or child-rearing. Moreover, these activities will not demand a lot of your time. Blogs can be updated with posts 2-3 times a week.

The only challenge is creating quality content that your audience will enjoy. However, if you’re passionate about your chosen topics, then this shouldn’t be a problem. Just create fun content, and the audience will follow.


  1. Tutor

Most moms tutor their kids all the time. So many of them already have the necessary skills to become online tutors. You can become a tutor on subjects where you have a lot of experience, and which you can leverage your expertise.

For example, if you enjoy teaching your children to play musical instruments, then you can always try to become a music tutor. Likewise, if you enjoy calculations, then there are plenty of kids on the internet who struggle with math problems. It’s all about finding your niche and leveraging your skills to become a good tutor.

Furthermore, if you have specialized educational training, you can sign up to sites like tutor.com and become a full-fledged online tutor for a wide variety of children and students who need your teaching services.


  1. Social Media Specialist

Are you a big fan of social media? Become a social media specialist. This job requires you to implement and monitor your client’s social media accounts across several platforms. You’ll be required to create new posts, respond to comments, share posts from associated accounts and promote your company’s brand all over social media. If you can’t get enough of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform then become a social media specialist and turn your passion into your dream job.


  1. Graphic Designer

Interesting and attractive images are consistently in demand all over the internet. Businesses, for example, need logos, authors need book covers, and advertisers need interesting images to impress their audience.

A good freelance graphic designer can earn an average of $25 an hour. So if you have the skills to create awesome designs, then you may have what it takes to become a professional graphic designer.


  1. Administrative Coordinator

Administrative coordinators are similar to virtual assistant in that they offer billing support, follow up on missing information and assist their clients in various administrative tasks. The difference is that administrative coordinators tend to focus on a specific set of tasks, like making sure that all the necessary paperwork is in order, whereas Virtual Assistants have a wider set of responsibilities.



Administrative coordinator jobs aren’t always fun, but the pay is good, and the hours are flexible. So if you like to easy office work that won’t require you to go to an office, then you may want to try becoming an administrative coordinator.


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