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Top 10 Most Craziest Kisses in Sports

Top 10 Most Craziest Kisses in Sports

Ever kissed your partner or spouse out of excitement? Well, coaches, players and fans alike have been known to pucker up on occasions, in the heat of the moment, particularly when celebrating a victory. While a lot of them are embarrassing, some are down-right crazy. Here’s a look at the craziest kisses.

10. Vancouver kiss

You may have already come across the image of that particular kiss on the internet. Amidst the chaos after the Canucks lost in the 7th Game of the 2011 Stanley Cup finals, a talented photographer captured a couple embracing and locking lips on the ground. The couple presented a stark contrast with rioters and the chaos around. People speculate that perhaps the couple were drunk or high on drugs. We can only speculate.

9. Diana Taurasi and Seimone Augustus

In 2013 at the WNBA, Minnesota was leading ahead of Phoenix. Seimone and Diana were going chest to chest in a heated argument, when suddenly, Diana leaned forward and kissed her opponent’s cheek. She later stated that it was meant to disarm Seimone and to stop the arguing. The court was set on fire that day, even though the referee didn’t like it. He called a personal foul for both of them. Even so, the kiss was still a sweet one. Off-court the two women are as close as sisters and grew up together and even played together on the Olympic Squad.

8. Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas

At the height of their friendship, Thomas and Johnson shared a kiss during the 1988 NBA finals. It was a dignified kiss. They later fought, but then made up again. Their friendship has long since died with Johnson recently releasing a book that supposedly talks about why and how their friendship died.

7. Tatyana Firova and Kseniya Ryzhova

At the World Athletic Championships in 2013, these two members of the Russian 4 by 400 championship relays celebrated their win by sharing a kiss on the podium. People speculated that the two did that as a way of clapping back at Russia’s new anti-gay laws. However, the two denied that they were getting back at the government and claimed that they were just sharing an innocent victorious kiss. The two athletes called out the Western press for focusing more on the motive behind the kiss, instead of celebrating their win. Kseniya further stated that it is not uncommon for women in Russia to kiss on the lips. She also went ahead to state that both she and Tatyana were married.

6. Phil and Amy Mickelson

Phil and Amy Mickelson have a long history of puckering up whenever Phil wins. The husband and wife duo are each other’s support system and aren’t afraid of letting the world known it.

5. Morganna Roberts

Morganna Roberts AKA the Kissing Bandit, became famous nationally because of her habit of rushing onto basketball courts and baseball fields to kiss players. Some of her famous “conquests” include Peter Rose, Nolan Ryan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Cal Ripken Jr. For 30 years, Morganna ran onto fields after games to kiss the players. It got to a point where fans and players alike began to expect her. Even though most of the players didn’t mind her antiques, some even welcomed them, local law enforcement was less than amused by her behavior.

4. Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn

Tiger woods and Lindsey Vonn locked lips after Woods paid his girlfriend a surprise visit in Italy, after Vonn set the record for World Cup victories. It is during the same visit that Woods was hit in the face with a camera leading to a trip to the emergency room.

3. Erin Andrews and 50 cent

During a live interview at the 2013 Daytona 500, rapper 50 cent tried to kiss reporter Erin Andrews. The incident was caught on tape, and Erin appears to be quite uncomfortable with the rapper’s attention. She is seen shaking her head and back and forth in an attempt to dodge the rapper’s mother. 50 cent eventually manages to kiss, but the whole thing was awkward. Because it was captured live, the rapper’s fans called him out for his disrespectful behavior especially seeing as the reported didn’t want him to kiss her. 50 cent went on to defend himself by saying that he wanted to kiss her, and so he went ahead and did it. On the other hand, Erin defended the rapper and said that it was her fault that the kiss ended up looking very awkward. She claims that she was overwhelmed because none of the drivers were ready for the Daytona 500 pit walk. She further states that she and the rapper are business associates, and that people shouldn’t read too much into the kiss. She also states that she was the one who went over to him to say hi.

2. Chrissy Popadics and Ian Johnson

In 2007, moments after helping Boise State clinch the Fiesta Bowl title, Ian stunned the crowd and other onlookers by proposing to his girlfriend who was a cheerleader. She said yes of course and the newly engaged couple shared a kiss for the audience. It was a sweet moment that was captured on camera.

1. Neville and Scholes

During a derby match in Manchester, Gary Neville found it hard not to express his excitement after his teammate, Paul Scholes, scored a goal raising their chances of clinching the title. He went ahead to give him a passionate kiss on the lips. The two had been teammates for more than a decade and seemed to share an easy friendship between them. Although they lost the title to Chelsea, the kiss is what fans will always remember. Afterwards there had been some speculation that they could perhaps be gay. Some fans even waited for Neville to come out. He never did.

We can only hope that most of these kisses happened in the moment and didn’t cause any long-term problems for the individuals involved with their respective partners.

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