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Why Your Business Needs a Content Strategy

why your business needs a content strategy

Let’s be painfully honest. If your business does not have a content marketing strategy in place today, then it is quite frankly dead and in the water. The world we live in has become incredibly competitive. And the fact that eCommerce sales are largely driven by the kind of content you peddle in front of the right kind of eyes only goes to show just how vital having a content strategy is to your brand.

Whether you’re a blogger, a freelance writer or own a company that provides website content services, you need digital content. That means more than just putting up a platform, updating it every two months or so and posting one or two things on Facebook. It means constant, deliberate work that has direction and purpose.

Why excellent content matters

What most business owners need to know is that every single one of their potential customers is on a journey. One of the main reasons why people go online is so that they can find a solution to a problem. Some of them are further along in that journey and have already put in the time and carried out a bit of research and know precisely what they want while others are just beginning that journey.

With billions of people online, the encouraging fact is that there is a lot of available market potential out there. The bad news is that most of this market only spend about 37 seconds reading your content. Unless you find a way to keep them interested in what you have to say then they will quickly move on to the next website or blog.

Why you need an effective content strategy

It’s an excellent way to reach people

More and more people use ad-blockers on their computers and mobile devices. This means that traditional ways of advertising will not get to these people. If you are relying on ads to reach your potential market, then your brand is missing out on a massive chunk of that market because these people don’t even receive these ads. And when they do, they either completely ignore them or block them out.

Traditional methods of advertising are not only ineffective, but most online readers do not trust them. That is why you need to find a new way to reach these people. That way is through high-quality, relevant and useful content. When you’re providing a solution or useful bit of information through your blog, then people will begin to look at you as an authority in your field and slowly begin to trust you. Thanks to this, you will not even have to employ traditional advertising methods. All you will have to do is suggest a certain product or service as a solution to a common problem, and people will buy.

Content is everything today

Content drives everything. Always has and always will. Even in the days of non-digital marketing, content was still crucial. As a business owner or marketer, you rely on SEO to improve your search engine rankings, lead generation and organic web traffic. Researchers have stated that content relevant creation and marketing is the most effective SEO tactic available today. This makes relevant content your biggest asset online.

Your content strategy will outline your ‘why’

The only thing that is probably more important than your content is ‘why’ you post. Copywriters and bloggers create copies so that they can achieve a goal. Whether you are writing to attract email or newsletter subscriptions or it is to convert readers into buyers. The ‘why’ matters because it will direct the style and ‘content’ within your content.

Your ‘why’ will help you establish value, and it is this value that your clients will buy into in the long run. As soon as you fully understand your ‘why’, you will find it is much easier to create useful content. You will find the inspiration to market that content and your potential customers will see the passion in your work. Which, in turn, will inspire them to be a part of your brand.

A solid content strategy helps you manage your online community

To succeed as an eCommerce business owner, you need to foster and grow a community online. This is done by creating useful and relevant content and finding innovative ways to distribute that content. Which means a lot of social media activity. Through the various platforms available today, you can create and grow a great following. And because social networks can now serve as shopping platforms it is easy to see why having a social brand presence is essential. Your content marketing strategy will have this included in its action plans.

It’s a great way to tell your story

Up to 64% of millennials today use social media networks to air their grievances towards different companies. About 36% of consumers use these networks to promote causes that they care about deeply. If you want to develop trust for your brand online, you need to use your content to tell your story. Show the world what kind of social and environmental causes your brand cares about. Use these social media platforms to connect to the 64% of millennials who are continually surfing them as well as leverage the 36% of consumers who would readily share your content and positively respond to your brand as long as it’s in line with the causes they care about.


Without an excellent, well-thought-out content marketing strategy, you may not fully tap into the awesome potential of all your digital material. Just because you hire a freelancer to create the content for you is not enough. You need to find useful and practical ways to disseminate that content. You’ve got to find a way to get it in front of the people who matter to your brand; the people who will buy from you. Without an excellent content strategy, your brand identity may be lost in the vast digital jungle that is the internet.


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