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Interested In Being A Writer For Mmbone Magazine?

We’re always looking for passionate writers who are motivated to write engaging content.

At Mmbone, we believe in the need to provide our readers with useful, high quality, timely and valuable content. We, therefore, require our contributors to adhere to the set requirements in order to maintain quality and relevance in all the content that we publish.

Content Guidelines

1. Posts should not be less than 1000 words and no more than 1200 words. You’re allowed to include up to 2 links pointing back to your website or business. You can include relevant images, hyperlinks, and videos to ensure that the readers gain the maximum benefits from the post (not mandatory). All irrelevant hyperlinks and outbound links will be deleted. Articles that contain keyword stuffing will be rejected. Also, make sure that the links fit naturally in the text and should not appear promotional. 

2. The articles should be relevant to our website’s ethics and requirements. We accept content that features bizarre, strange, and creepy but true stories.

3. Do not submit an article with affiliate links, promotional or advertorial content. This site does not publish company-specific content, news releases or any type of content that resembles a press release. You are, however, allowed to include a relevant Call To Action (CTA). The CTA should be short and can be an image or text-based (usually 2-3sentences).

The acceptable CTA:

A lead to resourceful download e.g. a book or a report or a guide
A registration to a webinar or a live event
A free demo that contains the link to the signup page

The unacceptable CTA:

A lead to a private website
A link to the company’s social media and profile
A call to contact a company whether through the contact form or directly
A link to subscribe to a company’s mailing list or any other subscription.

4. While we are dedicated to reviewing every post before publishing, we ask all contributors to submit their articles in a ready-to-publish state for a final review. Make sure that all your posts are relevant to the content requirement. Articles requiring heavy editing will be rejected.

5. It is your duty to check whether any editing is required on your posts so that you can edit and resubmit. Please note that in case a post needs extra edits, it will take longer to publish.

6. Make sure that you submit original, well researched and non-plagiarized work. Accuracy is key. If any contributor is found to have plagiarized their work, their content will be banished from this website. They will also not be able to contribute more work as they will be blocked. What we consider plagiarism (The list below is not all-inclusive of plagiarism. Research for more):

Spinning someone else’s work and submitting it as your own
Copying another person’s work word-for-word and submitting as your own
Copying a part of someone’s content, that is not originally yours
Copying someone’s work and changing a few words and /or phrases
Copying content directly from a website whether you acknowledge the owner or not

7. Do not include the author bios within the text. All the bios for individual contributors will appear in the user profile. If a post has multiple contributors, their name will be published below the posts as a by-line. No links to personal information will be allowed.

8. Make sure that all the provided quotes are to enhance the content and not to lead back to a company site. All quotes that do not adhere to this will be rejected and deleted. You might also be asked to revise the article yourself.

9. Please allow for a minimum of one week for your post to be published. All the editing and formatting of the submitted articles will be done at the discretion of mmbone.com.

Our Linking Guidelines

1. You should not include more than 2 links pointing to any domain. We do not want our site to look spammy.

Acceptable links

Research or data from relevant sites
Relevant articles or blog posts
Contextual resources that will make sense to the reader and benefit them

Unacceptable Links

Tag pages
Product or service pages
Private company website links
Company social profiles links
Affiliate links

2. If we feel that you are providing links that are not genuine or you are simply doing link building for your site, we will either ask you to remove the links or just reject your work.

3. No keyword-rich linking

4. We reserve the rights to remove or deactivate the links in the submitted articles

5. Do not repeat links, keywords and anchor texts

Infographic Submissions Guidelines

1. Make sure that the infographic is consistent with our site core themes. All irrelevant infographics will be rejected.

2. Let the image be high quality and resourceful enough. 


  • Please double check everything. Posts cannot be taken down once they are live.
  • submitting a post does not guarantee it will be published. If your post is not published within a week, make sure you review this page, edit and resubmit.

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